On Monday, December 16th, a memorial event was held at the DPRK Embassy in Moscow dedicated to the day of mourning for the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The heads and representatives of Korea-friendly organizations alternately laid flowers at the instant panel in the embassy lobby. Comrade Alexander Mostov, the head of our organization, also took part in t ... Read more »

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On Wednesday, December 10, an exhibition of books, photographs and art objects of the DPRK was held at the International Center for Scientific and Technical Information.

This event, which came with the direct participation of the DPRK embassy in Moscow and the leaders of our organization, was formally timed to the day of mourning on the occasion of the death of the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il ... Read more »

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The statement made on December 5th, 108 (2019)


The end of "strategic patience" of the DPRK is approaching day by day, but the American politicum still cannot add two plus two, trying to find the right solution. 

A few days ago, during the NATO summit in the United Kingdom, US President Donald Trump made unforgivably brazen-faced statements and imposed threats against the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK ... Read more »

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Report of the head of DPRK SG, editor-in-chief of "Bulgeunbyeol TV", Alexander Mostov for the Internet seminar "the Truth and scientific nature Of the Juche socialist theory"


Dear comrades! 

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication in 83 Juche (1994) of the revolutionary article of the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il "SOCIALISM ... Read more »

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On October 3, flowers were laid at the memorial in praise of defenders of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, who died during the suppression of the popular uprising of 1993. The ceremony was attended by the editor-in-chief of Bulgeunbyeol TV, the head of our organization, Comrade Alexander Mostov and the Chairman of the Board of the "Open Space" NPO Sofya Zvereva, as well as activists who came with her.

While visiting the memorial to the defenders of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, Comrade Mostov emphasized that the 1993 upri ... Read more »

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Due to technical problems, the channel’s operation was temporarily limited from September 13 to September 17.

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[조선어] [English] [Русский]


The DPRK embassy in Moscow hosted a reception on Sept. 5 on the occasion of the 71st founding anniversary of the DPRK.

Present there on invitation were the deputy speaker of the State Duma, the director of Asia 1 Departm ... Read more »

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On August 30, 108 Juche (2019), chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the celebration of the Day of the Foundation of the Republic, the head of our organization Alexander Mostov sent a congratulatory letter to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The following is the full text of the letter:



The Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea&n ... Read more »

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Robert Mugabe, despite of being argued in a different ways as a political leader, remains one of the key figures of the anti-colonial and anti-globalist movement in the world. His progressive foreign policy went far beyond the African continent. Back in 1980, as Prime Minister of the newly proclamated Zimbabwean Union, Mugabe commuted his first state visit to the DPRK. 

Even then, the Zimbabwean leader realized the ideological similarity among those two young regimes. Harare and Pyongyang have been always united by common ideals of freedom, independence and prog ... Read more »

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On August 31, as part of the Spasskaya Tower international military music festival, a concert of the Korean People’s Army Military Band was held in Izmailovsky Park in Moscow.

The concert began at 12:00, the total duration of all performances was 40 minutes. His program, consisting of Korean and Soviet musical compositions, ended with the song "Our National Flag."

Among the many spectators at the concert were the head of our organization, the edi ... Read more »

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