A ridiculous bluff only brings defeat closer (Bulgeunbyeol TV statement)


The statement made on December 5th, 108 (2019)


The end of "strategic patience" of the DPRK is approaching day by day, but the American politicum still cannot add two plus two, trying to find the right solution. 

A few days ago, during the NATO summit in the United Kingdom, US President Donald Trump made unforgivably brazen-faced statements and imposed threats against the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK Kim Jong Un. While answering questions from journalists, he began to rant about the likelihood of the use of armed forces against the Republic in case «of any need». 

Aggressive anti-Korean rhetoric of American politicians are nothing new for the international community, but after two DPRK-USA summits, there was a widespread belief, that the US President himself has a saner vision of the situation. Apparently, this conclusion was premature. 

Talking about the possibility of armed military operations against one's dialogue partner is an unacceptably sordid and destructive act, which will be followed by nothing but a further cooling of DPRK-US relations and an increase in the overall level of tensions in the world. 

Us attempts to depict Korea as an aggressor make no sense, because there is no basis for them. The people of the world remember, despite of the haughty claims of President Trump, that exactly initiatives of Korea in general and the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in particular, allowed to lower tensions both on the Korean Peninsula and in the region, and to open the way towards a peaceful dialogue. 

Taking into account the deep mistrust caused by more than half a century of enmity between the DPRK and the United States, the Republic has also commited a number of proactive measures as a gesture of goodwill, such as the elimination of the Phungeri nuclear test site in North Hamgyong province and the return of US soldiers’ remains. However, the US President, pertinaciously ignoring the good will of the Republic and turning a blind eye towards the negative experience of his predecessors, not only continues to insist on the obsolete counterproductive option "firstly-denuclearization, then-negotiations", but also dares to openly throw threats publicly, being heard by peoples of the world. 

If President Trump believes that such words can enforce Korea to accept the draconian conditions of the United States, he is greatly mistaken. A ridiculous bluff only brings defeat closer – that is the truth of history. As a businessman, he should be well aware of this. 

The United States of America constantly rely on their armed forces in foreign policy: depicting themselves as defenders of peace and democracy, they repeatedly committed acts of dishonorable aggression and invaded the territory of other countries, killing and injuring tens of thousands of innocent people. But the soldiers of the glorious Korean People's Army, being united unanimously by the Party and the Leader, had already once ran the "invincible" US army out from their land. 

On behalf of the editorial office of Bulgeunbyeol TV and the DPRK Solidarity Group, I express my resounding support to the Democratic people's Republic of Korea in its struggle for independence and preservation of the social order. An US President should think a hundred times before making a decision, because there is much more than his own political career in a stake.


Editor-in-chief of «Bulgeunbyeol TV»

Alexander Mostov

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