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   Minsk, February 16 (RSTV)   


On February 12, a meeting on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was held at the Belarusian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG.

Klim Belsky, Head of the Executive Committee, said:

The chronicle of Kim Jong Il's revolutionary activities is (this) the story of a great revolutionary: he devoted himself entirely to the revolutionary cause of Juche, started by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, considering this the mission of his life.

Eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Eternal Chairman of the State Defense Committee of the DPRK Kim Jong Il led the revolutionary cause from victory to victory.

Kim Jong Il was born on February 16, 1942 in the Paektu secret camp in Samjiyon County, Ryangan Province.

The Paektu secret camp remained the focus of the Korean Revolution and the central stronghold of its leadership, where from the second half of the 1930s to the first half of the 1940s, the Headquarters of the Command was located during the anti-Japanese war.

The birth of Kim Jong Il coincided with the historical period when the anti-fascist liberation war of peoples was vigorously developing on a global scale, and preparations were made in Korea for a meeting in full armor of the great event - the liberation of the Motherland

Comrade Kim Jong Il's family is patriotic and revolutionary. Kim Jong Il's father is Comrade Kim Il Sung, who is praised by the Korean people as the Great Father of the Korean nation and the founder of socialist Korea.

Mother Kim Jong Suk is a communist, a revolutionary, she fought all her life under the leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung for the liberation of the Motherland, for the freedom and happiness of her people. During the Patriotic Liberation War, Kim Jong Il constantly observed how Comrades Kim Il Sung worked at the headquarters of the Supreme High Command, and also visited the front line and saw how the soldiers of the People's Army were fighting against the imperialist enemy.

As early as the mid-1960s, Kim Jong Il began the original Songun leadership of the cause of the revolution and Songun politics. June 19, 1964 Kim Jong Il begins work in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea. Since the mid-1970s, he has been at the helm of the party, army and state with the banner of transforming the whole society based on the Juche idea, made radical changes in all areas of the revolution and socialist construction, thus ushering in a period of great prosperity in the era of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Entering the 1980s, the building of socialism demanded the development of the party and the revolution. On the basis of these objectively overdue changes, Kim Jong Il writes his immortal theoretical work "On the Juche Idea" and conducts vigorous ideological and theoretical work.

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In particular, in the mid-1990s, after the death of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, he comprehensively developed the Songun method of conducting politics, thwarted all attempts by the coalition forces of imperialism led by the United States to isolate and strangle the DPRK, reliably defended it and opened a new, grandiose era - the era of a powerful and prosperous socialist state.

The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il with an unshakable will to implement the precepts of the leader-father on the reunification of the Motherland, led all compatriots along the path of independence and great consolidation of the nation, opened the era of unity "June 15", and also with the high banner of socialism, made an unfading contribution to accomplishment of the cause of human independence. During the entire period of leadership, we make revolutions, Kim Jong Il most of all took care of, loved the people, always shared sorrow and joy with them, and until the last minutes of his life was on a super-intensive forced march to manage affairs on the spot, in order to build a powerful and prosperous power to increase the well-being of the people .

Comrade Kim Jong Il, with a deep sense of responsibility for the fate of the Motherland and the people, for the future prospects of the revolution, successfully solved the problem of the succession of leading the cause of the revolution, which is the main core of his creative practice. The leadership of Kim Jong Il gave a powerful impetus to the process of strengthening the party, increasing its leading role, strengthening the unanimity and cohesion of the whole society, this led to a further clarification of the subject of the revolution and the building of the party of the working class. The cause of socialism has embarked on a new path of development.

Thanks to the proven leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Great Kim Jong Il is forever alive with the Korean people, inspiring the entire Party, the entire army, and the entire people to new victories.

The revolutionary activity of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il invariably continues along with the growth of the well-being and prosperity of the entire Korean people.

Also on this day, a business meeting was held between the Head of our Executive Committee and a representative of the "KrasnoBY".

During this meeting, future areas of cooperation and interaction were outlined to strengthen friendly ties with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Belarusian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG.


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