Bulgeunbyeol TV statement


The statement made on July 16th, 108 (2019)


Due to the fact that Google resumed blocking our accounts, we were forced to expeditiously take measures to achieve information independence.

  1. From July 9-12, we created the ability to watch videos on the Bulgeunbyeol TV website without the intermediary platforms such as YouTube.
  2. From July 12th to 15th, we created a page on the Bulgeunbyeol TV website that allows to watch live broadcasts of Korea Central Television.

Thus, we can say with confidence that we have achieved complete information independence in the shortest possible time.

The further continuation of the blocking of our accounts has lost all meaning:

First, after each blocking, a new account is invariably created.

Secondly, now the materials are in any case stored on the “Bulgeunbyeol TV” server and remain available for viewing.

However, achieving information independence does not mean that we are going to abandon propaganda on Google platforms. Since the last blocking incident occurred on July 7, on the eve of the Day of Mourning for the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, any deviation from our own principles is absolutely unacceptable for us.

We firmly intend to show by personal example that a presumptuous monopolist can be forced to follow the simplest rules and principles of “freedom of speech”, which he himself so pompously declares.

If the information giant, who periodically allows the advertising of financial pyramids, drugs and prostitution on its services, wants so badly to exterminate the progressive television of socialist Korea from “YouTube”, then he had better be patient. The first act of the tragicomedy has just begun. 



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