Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Important Dates Elected

     June 10 (RSTV)     


On June 9, on the eve of the anniversary of the commencement of work of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il in the Central Committee of the WPK, Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarty Group (DPRK ISG), instructed the Executive Committees to form a Preparatory Committee for Important Dates.

Comrade Li Jizheng was unanimously elected Chairman of the Preparatory Committee.

The head of our organization suggested the following:

  1. Form a Preparatory Committee for Important Dates.
  2. Appoint Comrade Li Jizheng responsible for organizing the Preparatory Committee in the PRC.
  3. Appoint Comrade Nikita Dobrov responsible for organizing work in the Russian Federation
  4. Designate the period from June 9 to June 23 as a celebration period.

The decision was unanimously approved by the members and candidate members of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committe.

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