Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Important Dates Elected


On May 26, a meeting of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group was held. At the online meeting, organizational issues were discussed, including the expansion of international cooperation and practical work in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chairman of the Coordination Committee Alexander Mostov led the meeting.

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection worldwide, he emphasized that the Group is obliged to give priority to the safety of its activists. For this reason, it is vitally important to keep up with global trends to focus on online work.

Permanent representatives of the DPRK ISG on the ground reported on the situation.

Comrade Li Jizheng presented a detailed report, during which he touched upon the beginning of the work of the Group in the Wechat social network (Wechat ID: DPRK_SOLIDARITY). In turn, Comrade Fritz Schmidt reported on a positive shift in work with international organizations of friendship and solidarity with the DPRK.

On behalf of the Committee, the representative in the CIS countries, Anna Bertova, expressed special gratitude for the active work on the short documentary.

The representative in the EU, Fritz Schmidt, was unanimously elected Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Important Dates.

In accordance with the instruction of the head of the organization, a Preparatory Committee was formed to mark the beginning of the work of the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The Preparatory Committee determined the time period from June 12 to 25 as the period of its work.

During this period, the committee undertakes to conduct various cultural and political events online, including the International Online Conference "Merits of the Eternal General Secretary Kim Jong Il in Party and State Building". Also, the Bulgeunbyeol TV channel will conduct a special broadcast in Korean and English on the occasion of this day.

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