Comrade A. Mostov Met Soldiers Who Were Wounded Fighting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

   November 3 (RSTV)   


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The Editor-in-Chief of "Bulgeunbyeol TV" Alexander Mostov and photographer Ivan Komendantov visited a sanatorium for military personnel who received injuries of varying severity during the “Special Military Operation in Ukraine”.

The group included public and political figures, including Elizaveta Abramova, Editor-in-Chief of "Person of the Country", Vladimir Shirokov, Deputy Head of the City Administration for Security, and Russian and Kurdish journalists.

Elizaveta Abramova donated humanitarian aid to the rehabilitation center, including hygiene products, soap, shower gels, and more. She expressed her sincere hope that such assistance could, at least a little, alleviate the life of the wounded soldiers.

Then the group members were able to talk to the fighters who went through heavy fighting against the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Comrade Mostov tasted food for the Russian military and talked to the workers of the rehabilitation center. He noted:

"The care with which Russia surrounds its servicemen is striking. It is gratifying to see their attitude and fighting spirit in such a difficult situation."






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