Comrade Alexander Mostov Met with Korean Internet Experts


On May 7th, Alexander Mostov, Deputy Head of the DPRK Solidarity Group, the Editor in Chief of "Bulgeunbyeol TV", met with Korean specialists and hold a business conversation with them. 

At the office he was greeted by Cho Sen Il, Director of the Department of Editorial Materials on the Internet, Ryu Eun Hak, Director of the Department for Scientific and Technical Issues, and Kim Chul Man, specialist of the Department for Scientific and Technical Issues. 

Han Jong Chol, head of the Department for Cultural Relations with Russia and the CIS in the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, and Choi Gye Hong, Deputy head of the Department, also took part in the meeting. 

The conversation was held in the format of a private meeting. 

Answering the questions of Korean comrades, Comrade Mostov fairly assessed the outer propaganda work. 

Despite the positive trends caused by the improvement of inter-Korean and DPRK-US relations, hostile anti-Korean propaganda still occupies a dominant position in the information space. Many people still do not have a sufficient level of knowledge about Korean Internet resources and draw information from unverified, often false sources, — he said. 

Also, A. Mostov gave a detailed answer on the issue of blocking the DPRK's Internet resources on the territory of the South side. He stressed that the anti-people "National Security Law", applied by the South Korean administration for censorship, completely prohibits South Koreans from any unauthorized interaction with the North Korean culture, including watching television, listening to radio programs and visiting Internet sites. But despite all the restrictions, the "National Security Law" does not restrict people from visiting pages in social networks, which creates prospects for propaganda campaigns. 

Comrade Cho Sen Il discussed with Alexander Mostov the work of the Naenara and the quality of published materials. A. Mostov noted that despite the high quality of the translation of ideological literature, the translation of news articles still leaves something to be desired. He also recommended to increase the resolution of published videos in order to improve the image quality. 

Comrades Ryu Eun Haek and Kim Chul Man discussed with A. Mostov the prospects for the development of Internet propaganda and technical features of the work on the YouTube platform. During the discussion, A. Mostov reasoned that despite constant attempts to stop or limit the work of Korean channels, the YouTube platform and similar social networks are practically unlimited tool that can be used to distribute television and radio broadcasts, news and documentaries from the DPRK. 

Concluding the conversation, the employees of the publishing House of literature in foreign languages promised to correct the identified shortcomings and create a direct channel for interaction. The participants of the conversation sincerely thanked Comrade Mostov for the active dissemination of truthful information about Korea on the Internet, and then agreed to start active cooperation between the editors of the Naenara and the channel "Bulgeunbyeol TV".


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