Comrade Mostov Met with Mobilized Soldiers in Russia

   October 22 (RSTV)   


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In early October, Alexander Mostov, Leader of the DPRK International Solidarity Group, met with mobilized soldiers whom Russia is sending to the “Special Military Operation in Ukraine”.

Vladimir Shirokov (Deputy Head of the Administration), mobilized recruits, soldiers of the Russian army and their relatives, representatives of Russian and foreign media were present at the scene.

Comrade Mostov discussed the progress of the mobilization with representatives of the administration, and also talked sincerely with every recruit who wanted to. During the conversation, the mobilized citizens as one confirmed that they were ready to rise up to fight for the defense of the Motherland against NATO aggression in Ukraine.

The head of our organization examined the equipment of the fighters and personally made sure that most of the recruits, contrary to the fake information of the Western media, are adequately equipped and maintain a quite high morale.

He noted:

“Recently, the pro-American media have been maliciously slandering Russia, which is exercising its natural legal right to defend itself against the encroachments of the US imperialists and the puppet Kyiv regime. At the same time, they use every means to cover up the Kyiv regime, which, having already moved to the stage of an open military dictatorship, is committing horrific crimes.

Under such conditions, it is gratifying to see that the Russian soldiers maintain their fighting spirit and only strengthen their determination to get even with the enemies a hundredfold.”

Having met a volunteer who had previously been a journalist for a local publication, Comrade Mostov expressed great pride in his courageous patriotic deed. He noted that he would sincerely pray that the mobilized would soon glorify the Motherland with military exploits and be reunited with their families intact.

Comrade Mostov was photographed with Mr. Shirokov and with the mobilized journalist.


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