Congratulations on the Day of the Shining Star


The Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea 

The Chairman of the Council of State of the DPRK 

The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army 

The respected comrade Kim Jong Un 


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un

We congratulate you and all the Korean people on the Day of the Shining Star – the birth anniversary of the Eternal Chairman  Kim Jong Il!

On this glorious day, all the progressive people with a pounding heart recall the revolutionary life of the Eternal Chairman  Kim Jong Il. Born in a secret Paektusan camp, the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il was brought up in severe conditions of the Anti-Japanese war. From the very childhood he got that people can defend their freedom and independence only with a help of weapon and that’s why studied hard military science. 

In the 90th of the last century, when hostile forces trumpeted soon collapse of socialism, the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il, upholding the banner of independence, led Korean people to victory. His Songun politics all-round developed the DPRK and turned it into prosperous and great power, which is the envy of all hostile forces now. Beside this, the great leader Kim Jong Il held historical summit meetings, what have become the pillar of the further development of inter-korean relationships. 

Modern Korea, which develops fast under your wise leadership, makes all the progressive people admire it as the firm guarantor of socialism in the world. On behind of our editorial board I express our conviction that you, inheriting revolutionary ideas of comrade Kim Jong Il, will make a point in confrontation with the US and make Korean dream come true, having led the nation to its unification!

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