Congratulations on the Day of the Sun


Dear colleagues, comrades!

Hello to everyone!

The cold winter has already passed, and the warm spring has come.

Soon we’re going to have April holidays.

And April is very important for all of us, indeed.

Although April comes every year, the yearning for the sun of humanity – Eternal President Kim Il Sung - stands even stronger over time.

There are many great and outstanding personalities, who were once glorified and commemorated by future generations due to their merits, noble moral qualities, and politics they driven.

But there are not many such great people whose merits are inherited, and who are respected and commemorated as alive ones even after their death.

It happens, that within the time being, the future generations’ memory of personalities passed away diminishes.

But the example of our memory of President Kim Il Sung is not about that.

The history of the sun - of President Kim Il Sung together with the date of April 15, the day of the Sun, has its continuation in all of our hearts.

The socialist Constitution of the DPRK declares President Kim Il Sung to be Eternal Leader of the Republic.

In spite of that President Kim Il Sung passed away, his ideas and theory of Juche live as before, and his writings and works are still being read all over the world with enthusiasm. Nowadays, in the DPRK, the precepts of President Kim Il Sung are consistently implemented, and the point "the masses-above all" is set as the dominating political idea of the state.

In Korea, there are huge portraits of President Kim Il Sung with a wide shining smile everywhere, so that people can see him, and slogans dedicated to his eternal life are put forward in the streets.

People’s love for President Kim Il Sung are sung in songs, all Koreans consider him as the father of the nation, live with him, always carrying badges with his portrait.

At any season (but especially on the day of the Sun) you can see that all adults and children visiting his bronze statue on the hill of Mansundae and paying the huge respect.

Today, the day of the Sun is not only a holiday for the Korean people.

Deeply honoring President Kim Il Sung, who has made a great contribution to world politics, after his death, many governments, political parties, public organizations and individuals solemnly celebrate the day of the Sun and look back at his life.

This is a great day for all of humanity nowadays, but speaking about himself, he never celebrated his birthday on a large company during his lifetime and firmly refused to celebrate it solemnly.

There was a case when the editor-in-chief of the “Indian times” newspaper visited Pyongyang to congratulate the President Kim Il Sung on his 55th birthday. He went to the countryside to meet with Kim Il Sung, who was already there.

After greeting him, the President told him:

“- I don't celebrate my birthday as usual. If I am in Pyongyang, colleagues and many other people can visit me to wish me a happy birthday. So, I came to the province to avoid them on the one hand and to conduct them on the other.”

And he also told:

“- I would rather be among the workers and peasants than participate in a birthday banquet in Pyongyang.”

On April 15, 1982, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, many foreign guests visited our country. During the event, the President told them:

“- On the occasion of my 70th birthday, our people constructed a new Pyongyang maternity clinic, new covered skating rink and many accommodation units. In general, I don't like to celebrate my birthday, but if everything goes on in a such a good way, then I would love to celebrate it.”

In June 1994, former us President James Carter visited North Korea officially. President Kim Il Sung took a boat trip with him on the lower Taedong river, one of the country's five longest rivers. During the conversation, he suddenly called one of the escorts and told him to slow the vessel down. Carter was puzzled and asked President about the reason. Kim Il Sung responded:

“- There, you see, on the riverbank, sailors are fishing. If our boat makes waves, it will probably interfere with them, let's go a little slower so as not to bother anybody.”

Carter was delighted with President Kim Il Sung's love for the people. And that wasn’t the end of his admiration.

After negotiations with President Kim Il Sung, Carter realized that the President has a clear vision of solving the cause of Korean-American confrontation, and that he has got the strongest and most independent faith on what he does and the strongest political firmness over the world's politicians he has met so far.

After his return back to USA, Carter expressed with sincere feeling that President Kim Il Sung is a greater historical personality, than three of the most outstanding ones in the history of construction and development of the United States - presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

President Kim Il sung has made an immortal contribution to the cause of independence of the humanity.

There may be large and small countries in the world, but no one of them stands higher or lower. There may be developed and undeveloped nations in the planet, but there are no dominant and dominating nations. This was the firm belief of President Kim Il Sung.

Everyone who met President Kim Il Sung admires his noble love and moral qualities.

Soviet leader Stalin, leaders of the PRC, Yugoslavian president Tito, King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk, Indonesian president Sukarno, Portuguese president Gomes, French president Mitterrand, US priest Bill Graham and others well-known people, who have met with President Kim Il Sung, stated with deep respect that he is a true internationalist, an outstanding politician, the closest friend, a great man who conquers the world with his moral qualities.

There were even heads of states, who respected him as their brother, and there were foreigners who called him their father.

From the period of the liberation of Korea to him last days, President Kim Il Sung met more than 70 thousand foreign guests from 136 countries.

This fact clearly shows how high his international status and reputation are, and how much influence he causes to the international area.

Everyone who visits the exhibition of friendship between nations, located at the foot of the famous Myohyang mountains in Korea, cannot hide their admiration.

This exhibition is a repository of treasures in honor of a great man, showing the world scale sense of respect and love for President Kim Il Sung.

The achievements of President Kim Il Sung, who laid the foundation of the cause of independence of the entire world, will be forever honored in history and forever preserved in a collective memory of all mankind, along with the Day of the Sun.

Nowadays, the cause of the great President Kim Il Sung and the great Chairman of the State Defense Committee Kim Jong Il are inevitably continued by comrade Kim Jong Un.

No one is going to forget the enthusiasm of those days, when comrade Kim Jong Un was nominated to the highest post of our party and state. That was on April 11 (nomination for the post of first Secretary of the WPK) and on April 13 (nomination for the post of First Chairman of the SDC) respectively.

Under the wise leadership of comrade Kim Jong Un, today our people are arduously pushing forward the cause of construction of a strong socialist state based on the plans and intentions of President Kim Il Sung and Chrairman Kim Jong Il.

Highly supporting the idea of conducting a struggle for a frontal breakthrough, which was put forward by comrade Kim Jong Un at the 5th Plenum of the 7th convocation of the Central Committee of the WPC, our people perform miracles and innovations all over the country.

Highly rising the banner of increasing the country's wealth and power, the banner of prosperity created by our own hands, our people completed the second stage of development of the city of Samjyong, the Yangdok recreation zone and the Chunphyong greenhouse agricultural cooperative. And that clearly demonstrates that hostile sanctions and pressure are going not to stop the great struggle of our people.

Having closely rallied around comrade Kim Jong Un, moving forward with a brutal step along the unchangeable path of increasing the country's wealth and power, and its prosperity by its own hands, is a strong belief and will of our people.

Hostile forces will not be able to avoid the complete collapse of sanctions and pressure activities against our country, and we will victoriously complete the cause of Juche revolution.

We take this opportunity to once again express our sincere gratefulness for your support and solidarity in the just struggle of the Korean people.

We hope to celebrate the Korean April holidays with you.

Recently, due to COVID-19 pandemic, friendship societies and their members from all around the world are going to organize an online event, an online meeting, and look for other new methods. We believe that this would be also a good way out of the current situation.

We also kindly remind you to take care of your health as never before.

We look forward to your initiatives on developing friendship and cooperation between the two countries.


With respect.

On behalf of the Russian-Korean friendship society

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