Decision was made: "DPRK Solidarity Group" is reorganized into the "DPRK International Solidarity Group"


  ​special announcement  


​Due to the fact that pressure and censorship against pro-Korean organizations are increasing from day to day, administration of the DPRK Solidarity Group decided to organize the "First conference of the DPRK SG", aimed to lead the process of updating our organization towards the logical end and lift it to a new level of quality.


The online conference is attended by: 

​Alexander Mostov (the head of the DPRK Solidarity Group, the chief editor of "Bulgeunbyeol TV")
​Georgy Abzianidze (deputy head)

​Stas Pusdoi (resident representative of the DPRK Solidarity Group in the Far East region of the Russian Federation)

​Fritz Schmidt (candidate for the position of resident representative in Germany and the European Union)

​Vitaly Shchurik (candidate for the position of permanent representative in Ukraine)


At the moment, administration of the DPRK Solidarity Group are committing a prolonged and detailed discussion, within the framework of which a new line of activity of our organization is being developed.


​The following decisions were made at the moment:

​1. Decision to get reorganized into "DPRK International Solidarity Group" (A. Mostov) 

​2. Decision to enforce our expansion through the organization of small clubs for the studying of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism (V. Shchurik) 

​3. Proposal on the need to study the question of fabricated sanctions against the DPRK in order to scientifically underline their illegality in terms of international rule (G. Abzianidze) 

​4. On the channel "Наследие полководца" (S. Pusdoi) 

​5. On the need for "ideological improvement" (F. Schmidt)


​Due to the first part of the discursion being completed, we’re ready to declare our decisions taken with all responsibility and summed up by comrade Mostov:

- The "DPRK Solidarity Group" is being reorganized and further going to be referred as the "DPRK International Solidarity Group"

​- The reorganized Group is no longer limited in its activities to the Russian Federation and states of post-soviet region

​- In order to prevent possible division, the reorganized Group is going to work through regional divisions

​- "Resident representatives" further represent The International DPRK Solidarity Group in the country, region or administrative unit respectively 

​- The ideological core of the restructured Group is considered to be formed by “Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism"

​- "Bulgeunbyeol TV" now officially turns into the main information resource of The International DPRK Solidarity Group

​- The reorganized Group consistently continues the previous course of ideological neutrality in foreign relations, expressing its readiness to cooperate with all same-thinking cultural, social or political movements


​The decisions will enter into action on February 5.


​The administration of the DPRK Solidarity Group guarantees that these changes will affect the quality of the proposed content exceptionally in a positive way. Several joint projects are also going to be planned in a closest term. 

​We are still aimed at breaking through the informational blockade, which is getting compressed in a tight siege around the DPRK, and we are going to attack it from several directions at once right on your eyes.

Let the hostile forces remember: there are more of us than they can even imagine!


​Deputy head of DPRK Solidarity Group,

Georgy Abzianidze

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