DPRK ISG Online Meeting Held in Russia


On June 7, a meeting of members of the DPRK International Solidarity Group in the CIS took place in a remote format.

Anna Bertova, representative of our organization in the CIS countries, led the meeting.

Chairman of the Coordination Committee Alexander Mostov also attended the meeting.

In accordance with the agenda, Comrade Bertova read the text “Merit in the implementation of the cause of socialism” about the immortal merits of the great Kim Jong Il in socialist construction. Activist Viktor Kubatsov read the text “Merits of Kim Jong Il in the Construction of the WPK”.

The meeting participants unanimously concluded that the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il made a huge contribution to the development of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Then, organizational issues were discussed with the representative of the initiative group in Tver - Mikhail Ditko.

The members of the Coordination Committee held talks with Comrade Ditko regarding further cooperation.

Comrade Mostov suspended Georgy Abzianidze from work in the Tver region. All tasks were transferred to Comrade Bertova.

As a result of the negotiations, the entire initiative group in Tver became a full-fledged part of the International Solidarity Group with the DPRK.

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