Ex-President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe passed away (сommentary)


Robert Mugabe, despite of being argued in a different ways as a political leader, remains one of the key figures of the anti-colonial and anti-globalist movement in the world. His progressive foreign policy went far beyond the African continent. Back in 1980, as Prime Minister of the newly proclamated Zimbabwean Union, Mugabe commuted his first state visit to the DPRK. 

Even then, the Zimbabwean leader realized the ideological similarity among those two young regimes. Harare and Pyongyang have been always united by common ideals of freedom, independence and progress. Mugabe and President Kim Il Sung certainly had mutual sympathies. Afterwards, DPR Korea and Zimbabwe collaborated deeply in such spheres as military and industry ones, Korean architectural bureau "Mansundae" built the National heroes Acre in praise of dead in the anti-colonial struggle, on a hill near Harare, Zimbabwean capital. It still remains noticeable symbol of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe went down in history as one of the closest friends of Socialist Korea, despite the huge distances separating the two friendly republics located at different parts of the globe. And Koreans have always been known for never forgetting neither their enemies nor their friends.

The leadership of the DPRK Solidarity Group expresses its condolences to all who care about the fate of the progressive forces of the world. We hope that Robert Mugabe's personal example and political legacy, both in terms of relations with DPRK in particular and with the rest world and African actors in general, will not get diminished over the years, but will only motivate strengthening of international friendship and unite us!

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