Report of the head of DPRK SG, editor-in-chief of "Bulgeunbyeol TV", Alexander Mostov for the Internet seminar "the Truth and scientific nature Of the Juche socialist theory"


Dear comrades! 

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication in 83 Juche (1994) of the revolutionary article of the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il "SOCIALISM IS A SCIENCE".

In those difficult times, when Communist parties of different countries around the planet suffered dramatical defeats due to the sabotage of the renegades of socialism, comrade Kim Jong Il declared the immutability of the course of the Workers' party of Korea to the whole world. He highlighted the historical truth, that the construction of a socialist state is an inevitable requirement of the time, and it’s impossble to blick the way towards it somehow.

As a person being born in the post-Soviet region, I see it as my duty to emphasize in this report the key issues for the region that are in focus in the study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

What exactly ensures the modern actuality Of the Juche socialist theory? How could the Korean people defend socialism in the face of the collapse of the Socialist camp?

Speaking about the distinctive character Of the Juche socialist theory, it should be understood, that it is a creative development of Marxism-Leninism, continuously improved throughout all stages of the history of the construction of the Korean national state. Its ideological and theoretical root was based in the practice of anti-Japanese guerrilla warfare KPRA, led by the ancestor of the Korean revolution-unsurpassed commander Kim Il Sung. He was the first to put forward the revolutionary thesis that became the basic philosophical principle of Juche ideas, which states that a man is the master of everything and decides everything.

Thus, it was comrade Kim Il Sung who for the first time in history arisen the question of strengthening the masses as the subject of the revolution and increasing their role as the main method of its implementation. Henceforth, the Workers' party of Korea, seeing in the development of socialist society the key to strengthening the leading role of the people’s masses, and therefore to the victory of socialism, step by step promoted the cause of the revolution.

While in a number of socialist countries bureaucracy, formalism and adulation were aggravated, strengthening their dependence on external forces, the glorious Workers’ party of Korea consistently developed and implemented its political line, carried out the construction of an independent economy, comprehensively strengthened the country in terms of science, technologies and ideology. Over time, it was put forward a course for the implementation of three revolutions - ideological, technical and cultural, which allowed to accelerate the socialist construction, to create an atmosphere of unity, while having of a common goal.

By strengthening the role of the leader and the continuity of the cause of the revolution, the continuity of socialist construction was ensured. Thus, the Eternal President Kim Il Sung put forward the key points of the Juche ideas, and the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il comprehensively inherited, structured them and scientifically substantiated The Juche socialist theory. The common contribution of the great leaders formed an ideological trend - Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, which is the state revolutionary ideology of the DPRK.

At a time when the international authority of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is growing by the hour, more and more progressive people of the world are expressing admiration for the achievements of Korean socialism. On behalf of our organization and myself, I express my strong confidence that the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un will continue to promote the cause of the Korean socialist revolution, comprehensively develop and improve The Juche socialist theory.

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