Heads of the DPRK ISG in Russia condemn South Korea's provocation


South Korean politicians continue to blame on their problems everyone except of themselves. In that context a meeting of the DPRK International Solidarity Group was held in Moscow in June 21.

The meeting was attended by members and candidates for the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG. Political statements were prepared.



Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and the head of our organization, stressed:

“An offensive activity against the Republic's supreme leadership is not an "unfortunate incident" but an unforgivable crime, which was being committed on a regular basis by a miserable few with a nod and wink of South Korean authorities.

I have already stressed this before, but I am going to restate it. The South Korean authorities will no longer be able to pretend that repeating launches of propaganda nickels are nothing more than "citizen initiative". What kind of sanctimonious knaves they must be to ignore something so obvious?

Let’s pretend, that we believe in that monthly launch of nickels towards the North from the closed demilitarized zone remained unnoticed "by pure coincidence", according to the South’s officials, can still be somehow attributed to the widespread problems with the poor eyesight of the South Korean military. But then how should the public opinion treat the photos showing the riffraff Park Sang Hak hanging out a propaganda poster, surprisingly similar to one sent to the North, on a South Korean military base?

Honestly speaking, people of the world are already quite tired of such a «coincidences». I think the time has come to show it.

Supporting the comrade Bertova's point about the essence of picketing a South Korean Embassy, I have instructed her to send the relevant documents to the Moscow authorities for approval. I also expect some political parties and activists who are in solidarity with the DPRK's position to get involved further.

If the leaders of the South are so fond of "coincidences", then let them hit their heads!”




Anna Bertova, a member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and a representative of our organization in the CIS, said:

“When I heard "Mr." Moon Jae In for the first time, I was relatively optimistic about him. But subsequent activities committed by the South Korean authorities have once again confirmed that first appearances can be deceptive.

What has the South done to strengthen the basis of inter-Korean dialogue? Not a single agreement was implemented. There were no positive shifts. In this case, one might assume that the relationships between the two parties are stagnant. Unfortunately, this is not true.

I do not know what categories Moon Jae In does think, but conducting military exercises in tension spots and recognition of the DPRK as supposed enemy during it is an unacceptable impertinence. It seems like South Korean authorities are deliberately putting fingers on fire.

I heard the assumption that the "President" of South Korea just tries to please the opposition represented by conservative herd. However, if you know about your subordinates’ crime and allow them to commit it, does not that make you a criminal?

In that scope, can you consider yourself a good ruler if you, being under constant pressure of pro-American forces, first jig to their tune, and later dump the responsibility on others after encountering the consequences?

The launch of the nickels was the last straw for North Korea, which, despite of the South's antics, was trying to hold normal peaceful relations with it. And I fully agree with that enough is enough.

The South Korean authorities must understand that their further provocative actions will no longer be tolerated.

I found it important to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the South’s activities for  all of organizations that are in solidarity with the DPRK. As you know, it is necessary to stay informed about the opinion of the parties to a conflict, and the ISG is going not to be silent.

Holding several single pickets in front of the South Korean Embassy will be one of the ways to clearly show the position of our organization regarding the current situation and once again hint to the South that it should stop its disgusting provocative actions.”



Sofia Zvereva, a candidate for the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, the Chairman of the Board of the "Open Space" NPO, said:

“I painfully resent the fact that any actions aimed at the incitement of enmity, hatred or war!

Such acts can never be committed in a state of sound mind and clear memory, as well as without self-serving imperialist interests! This kind of misbehaviour are anti-popular in relation to every representative of the humanity, because they cause people to waste the resources of the planet, as well as the priceless lifetime and unique creative potential to create and maintain the state of hunger, stress, bad mood, depression, countless diseases and murders.

Those dumb imperialists do not understand that a competent organization of people in an atmosphere of national friendship and mutual assistance, which they do not allow to create their provocations, will allow each person to maximize their creative and constructive potential. That would create thousand times huger amount of achievements and resources than those pathetic slices of the markets for which we were forced to kill each other...

Provocations are exceptionally unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the South Korean authorities do not understand these general zen either. They first made a number of open provocations towards North Korea and its citizens, and then shamelessly made populist statements related to violations of bilateral agreements.

First, they start a mass launch of propaganda nickels towards the DPRK using balloons under the pretext of "independent activists", then conduct military exercises in a tension spot, while using the term "enemy" in relation to the North... Should the progressive people and the DPRK be silent when the once again stands on the brink of a precipice?

I would like to emphasize, that both international and Russian youth are outraged by the provocative nature of South Korea's actions, which may lead to the war outbreak!

We call on the South for acting in time in a sensible way and issuing an apology for repeated violations of the declarations. Until then, we will continue to bust myths and slanders about the inter-Korean relationship.

We see clearly that there are much vaster economic and political interests of other capitalist powers behind this "game", so we are not going to step back.”


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