Heads of the DPRK SG and Not-Profit Organization "Open Space" put flowers to the Memorial for defenders of the Supreme Soviet of Russia


On October 3, flowers were laid at the memorial in praise of defenders of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, who died during the suppression of the popular uprising of 1993. The ceremony was attended by the editor-in-chief of Bulgeunbyeol TV, the head of our organization, Comrade Alexander Mostov and the Chairman of the Board of the "Open Space" NPO Sofya Zvereva, as well as activists who came with her.

While visiting the memorial to the defenders of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, Comrade Mostov emphasized that the 1993 uprising was an important example of the consolidation of representatives of various political movements and different social groups, which got united in order to defend democracy despite of ideological differences.

Comrade Alexander Mostov, along with Sofia Zvereva, laid flowers at the memorial and bowed, respecting the memory of the fallen defenders of the House of Soviets.


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