KCSPW Condemns US Military Provocations

   Pyongyang, August 3 (RSTV)   


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On July 29, 2022, the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World sent a press statement to the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG.

The full text of the statement follows.

On July 27, a solemn event was held in Pyongyang in honor of the 69th anniversary of the great Victory in the war.

Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, noted that the Korean War was for our Republic a battle for the defense of the territory and people, for the defense of the Motherland, which is on the verge of life and death, was the first sharp struggle between the two poles, divided into opposite democratic and imperialist camps after World War II.

The arrogant aggressive ambitions of the US imperialists, who wanted to annex our territory at one blow and expand their sphere of dominance, from the first step met with an unprecedentedly powerful counterattack. Faced with the strength of the Korean people, the US was forced to sign a humiliating ceasefire agreement.

The United States, which caused the most serious damage and created the greatest threat to our nation in its modern history, does not stop dangerous hostile actions against our Republic. Under the pretext of strengthening the so-called “alliance", the US imperialists, on the one hand, are inciting the South Korean authorities to a suicidal confrontation with the DPRK, and on the other hand, resorting to military confrontation with us, desperately spreading some unfounded “threat version”. Inventing an imaginary “threat” on our part and spreading it with all sorts of manipulations for “credibility” and then considering this as a pretext for putting pressure on us is the habitual way of the US imperialists in implementing policy.

In recent days, they, as always, tirelessly spread the version against the DPRK to the international community, portraying our state as the “main culprit” that violates the stability of the situation in the region, as a “dangerous state”. The United States, passing off all actions of our armed forces as a  “provocation” and a  “threat”, is openly conducting large-scale joint military maneuvers that seriously threaten the security of our state. Such actions of the two-faced Janus are nothing more than robbers in the literal sense of the word, they bring Korean-US relations to the red line, which will be followed by an irreversible direct clash.

The US imperialists are concentrating in attempts to mislead the international community and inciting hatred towards our state, have again launched a “witch hunt” - a favorite trick to cover up their true face as an aggressor, violator of peace on Earth, to justify their hostile policy of a completely illegal nature .

Comrade Kim Jong Un has already clearly and clearly stated that in order to create a reliable guarantee of the security of the state, one should prepare for everything - both for dialogue and for confrontation, in particular, to prepare more flawlessly for confrontation.

The arrogance of the US imperialists is never the same, past and present. The US imperialists must be resisted to the end with the help of ideas and weapons. Our Republic is fully prepared for any military clashes with the United States. If the United States continues to constantly try to denigrate the image of our state, if it continues to encroach on our security, on our fundamental interests, then they will certainly have to experience even greater anxiety and crisis than now.

Comrade Kim Jong Un has issued a stern warning to South Korean conservative “authorities” and war maniacs who, rampaging in excessive greed and excessive self-confidence, are at the forefront of' US hostile policy towards the DPRK.

He went on to say that the South Korean conservative “authority” who took over the reins this year is clinging to an extremely brutal policy of confrontation with compatriots and committing cringe-worthy, venal acts that overshadow the hostile actions of any previous conservative regime, thereby leading the situation on the Korean Peninsula to brink of war.

Now the newly appeared “power" in South Korea, seized by vain fear, once again defining our power, our army as the “main enemy”, foaming at the mouth, raises a howl and resorts to all sorts of unworthy dirty tricks. These thugs constantly talk about “ensuring peace and security by force” and bluffing that they will not abandon the plan to deliver a “preemptive strike”, supposedly aimed at nullifying the war deterrence potential available in our state.

And at this moment, South Korea with great zeal resorts to the development of new weapons, to building up the defense industry in order to at least slightly strengthen its weak military forces in comparison with ours. Moreover, it intends to bring in large quantities of US strategic nuclear weapons and is now expanding the scale of militaristic games under various pretexts.

South Korean scum with some concept of a "three-axis system like the Republic of Korea" is trumpeting their core military buildup and rampaging madly. But South Korea will still have to recognize its military weakness in comparison with our armed forces as fatal.

To talk about their military actions against our state, which has absolute weapons, is an unjustified dangerous statement that only leads to self-destruction.

Comrade Kim Jong Un warned sternly: if the “authorities” and the military junta of South Korea, when planning a war with us, believe that they can weaken or nullify part of our armed forces with a preventive strike, relying on some special military means and methods, then this is complete absurdity. In no case! Such a dangerous attempt will immediately receive punishment from the side of mighty forces, and Yoon Suk Yeol's "power" and his troops will be completely defeated.

If they, with their predatory logic, tirelessly cavil at our use of the right to self-defense and continue their dirty actions that pose a threat to our security and escalate military tension, then they will have to pay dearly for this.

To avoid a shameful fate, Yoon Suk Yeol's regime should think more seriously about its actions, use its brains more than play with its tongue. They should not mindlessly pick on us at any time, and the best thing for them is not to intend to deal with us at all.

Comrade Kim Jong Un noted that now our armed forces are fully prepared to respond to any crisis situation, fully prepared, faithful to their mission, to accurately and promptly mobilize all the weapons available in our state, including nuclear war deterrence forces. The government of our Republic intends, with an unshakable anti-imperialist, anti-US spirit, the spirit of struggle against the enemy in the South, to firmly defend our state, our people, our sovereignty with its mighty armed forces.

You can find the full text of Comrade Kim Jong Un's speech on the KCNA website.

The Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World, as in the past and in the future, will strengthen solidarity with the progressive peoples of the world opposed to the imperialists and striving for independence, justice and peace, will play its responsible role in the joint struggle to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, in region and throughout the world.

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World
July 29, 2022

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