Leading Researcher at the Center for Korean Studies, IFES RAS, Congratulated the DPRK ISG


Konstantin Valerianovich Asmolov, leading researcher at the Center for Korean Studies, IFES RAS, congratulated the DPRK International Solidarity Group on its 10th anniversary.

He emphasized the following:

The composition of the people who call themselves friends and supporters of North Korea is actually quite diverse.

There are people who just joke about the North Korean theme, posing as fans of the regime because it is “cool”. There are those who don't really care about North Korea, and they support the North on the principle "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Regardless of what and how is going on in the country. There are leftist fanatics who are no different from the far-right. It's just that North Korea is “Mordor” for some, while for others it is “Sparta of our days”, the last island of “communist spirituality” and, in general, the beloved country of “my mother’s friend’s son”.

Against this background, it is very pleasant that the DPRK International Solidarity Group consists of people who did not step, or try not to step on the above rake. These are people who are trying to see North Korea as it is and, if possible, spread this image to the general public.

Thus, they are doing a rather important job, which is welcomed by me as a country specialist.

Their desire to understand, to really understand what is happening there and is not within the framework of either Pyongyang or anti-Pyongyang propaganda, is very commendable. And I would like to wish them continued success and prosperity.

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