Let's Launch a Movement for a Correct Understanding of North Korea on a Large Scale!

On March 26, Juche 110 (2021), a regional meeting of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG was held on the occasion of the approaching Day of the Sun.

At the insistence of Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, the event was held in an informal atmosphere.

Comrades Nikita Dobrov, Fedor Sagaida, Danila Morozov and Pavel Borunov took part in the meeting. Journalists were admitted as observers.

Nikita Dobrov, member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, member of the Bureau of the St. Petersburg City Committee of the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, directed the meeting. He made an introductory speech in which he spoke about the difficult revolutionary path of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, who managed to solve the factional struggle, which is a cancerous tumor of the progressive forces.

Comrade Dobrov announced the decision to form the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG and discussed with the audience plans to celebrate the Day of the Sun. 



Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, approving the decision to form a new Executive Committee of the Group, cordially addressed the audience.

We all know that the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, was a glorious revolutionary who, with his unsurpassed wisdom and foresight, managed to unite broad strata of the masses, raise them to the anti-Japanese war and win national independence. Moreover, he also proved himself as an outstanding philosopher who developed the idea of ​​Juche - the torch of independence of all progressive people in the world.

We must remember that the Korean socialist system survived precisely because of the vitality of the Juche ideas - its ideological and political core.

The Great Leader was, first of all, a man of practice. Knowing this, it is categorically unacceptable that the activity of any progressive organization, especially a Juche-oriented one, is reduced to repeating memorized slogans and holding formal meetings.

Present here is Mr. Kipnis, who highlighted the activities of our organization in his documentary. Whatever the initial message of this movie, on behalf of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, I express my gratitude to him. The international duty of our organization was, is and will be not in conducting "rituals", but in rendering assistance to the Republic in its anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggle.

Instead of blindly imitating "someone else", we should react to the changing political and economic situation in accordance with the objective requirements of reality. In particular, by studying the successful experience of South Korean democratic activists, it is necessary to expand on a large scale the movement for a correct understanding of North Korea. This kind of awareness is vital in the current environment.

Let the hostile forces continue to try to drive us into a corner. In response to the piling up difficulties and trials, let us raise the banner of international solidarity even higher!



Then Comrade Mostov discussed the state of affairs with the activist Fyodor Sagaida, who has been actively involved in the activities of our Group for more than five years. He emphasized the importance of the practical work of our organization and expressed hope for its strengthening by expanding the executive committees in different countries.

Danila Morozov, deputy chairman of the control and revision commission of the Moscow city organization of the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, DPRK ISG activist, made a report on the state of affairs in the field of external propaganda and made specific proposals to promote a positive image of the DPRK in Russia.

Speaking about the quality of materials in Russian, Comrade Morozov noted the importance of the Group's activities in adapting news articles. He noted that if one continues to turn a blind eye to the current situation, then the DPRK media, such as the KCNA, will eventually begin to openly ridiculed by hostile elements.

Pavel Azyukov, a representative of the "Open Space" NPO, DPRK ISG activist, proposed holding various cultural events, lectures and photo exhibitions within the framework of the movement for a correct understanding of North Korea, and volunteered to help with their organization.

Due to the fact that Mikhail Meshcheryakov, chairman of the youth chamber of the Golovinsky region, was injured and could not attend the meeting, the participants considered his proposal in a remote format. It was decided that the Group is ready to actively support any initiatives aimed at cultural exchange between Russia and the DPRK.

At the meeting, a self-criticism session was held in a short form, during which various kinds of biases identified in the organizational work were analyzed and condemned.

In particular, an appeal by activist Tim Trendelkamp, ​​who expressed his desire to restore the right to vote in the Solidarity Group, was publicly read. He stressed that he fully realized his political and practical mistake, which led to the manifestation of factionalism in his actions, and expressed a desire to correct it.

Comrade Mostov expressed gratitude to the activist for his sincerity and recommended that the executive committees hold self-criticism session on an ongoing basis in order to avoid omissions and disagreements in organizational work.

At the end of the session, letters of thanks were handed over.

First of all, in a remote form, gratitude was announced to Comrade Hong Chon Hui for his enormous contribution to the translation activities of the Group. Also, gratitude was announced to the activist from Ukraine.

Then a letter of gratitude was presented to Matvey Kipnis.



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