Letter from Pyongyang


Dear comrades!

Soon we are going to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il being appointed as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.

This high appointment of the great Comrade Kim Jong Il as Supreme Commander of our revolutionary armed forces took place on December 24, the 80th year of Juche (1991). That was a historic act that guaranteed in a most solid way the future victorious advancement of the Juche revolutionary cause of our nation.

Every time we meet this significant day, we commemorate sensually the Comrade Kim Jong Il’s great patriotic selflessness. Within the songun bayonet he broke up he vile anti-republican intrigues of the imperialist coalition forces, willing to isolate and strangle our country, solidly protected our motherland and our people in times of the "Arduous March". He put his back into the national defense industry to guarantee the Korea’s security.

Despite the vile intrigues of hostile forces, aimed at blocking and strangling, our homeland is glorified as a socialist stronghold that solidly defends its sovereignty and dignity. Our nation is widely known as strong and courageous nation, which has been creating its great history of wealth, power, and prosperity, relying on its own strength.

All that is directly related to this historical date. (December 24)

The great Comrade Kim Jong Il firmly believed, that in order to ensure the security of the Motherland and the victorious advance of the cause of revoltion, it was not only necessary to exercise our revolutionary armed forces in terms of ideology and technics, but also to constantly improve and strengthen the equipment in accordance with modern warfare, while direct confrontation with imperialism is on. While imperialists were boasting of “Military and strategic superiority”, Comrade Kim Jong Il gave priority to the development of the defense industry and put forward the line of songun economic development. He devoted himself for implementation of new modernization programs, aimed to elevate the material and technical base of Korean armed forces towards the requirements of modern warfare.

Under his leadership defence industry of our country has grew in potential. It has become capable of producing almost any kind of high-end weapons as needed. At the same time our revolutionary armed forces strengthened as an invincible revolutionary army and it now have all modern types of offensive and defensive weapons.

As you are already know, new types of juche-type weapons have been developed and improved one by one recently, so that the military potential of our country becomes more vast. All this clearly proves to what a high point the power of the juche defence industry, created by Comrade Kim Jong Il, has risen.

Thanks to the great patriotic legacy of Comrade Kim Jong Il, our people are provided with the high quality of life. Nowadays the entire nation moves forward with a mighty step along its chosen path, breaking down the hostile forces’ vile intrigues.

Along with our powerful and prosperous homeland, the revolutionary achievements of Comrade Kim Jong Il will be eternal. Just one century ago our motherland had to suffer the rough luck of an imperialist occupation due to weak defense capabilities. Nowadays Korea is a strong military power, capable of eliminating any threat to its sovereignty.

Today, our people pay the highest respect to the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il who guaranteed the eternal future of our nation with immortal merits in building up the revolutionary juche armed forces. Under the leadership of another outstanding leader, Kim Jong Un, who has inherited the glorious path of Paektu, our nation all as one went up to the 80-day campaign of loyalty, as the 8th Congress of the WPC is approaching.


Dear comrades,

We hope that you will enjoy celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il being appointed as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army. We are confident in your organizations’ active support and future solidarity with the struggle of our people for a powerful socialist state’s establishment.


Yours sincerely,

The Korean society for friendship with European countries

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