Letter from Pyongyang

   Pyongyang, August 25 (RSTV)   


Dear comrades and friends,

With the day (August 25) approaching, when Grand Leader Kim Jong Il left the first traces on the path of leading the armed forces, the Korean people have a sense of boundless respect and love for him.

The noble revolutionary life of Comrade Kim Jong Il was literally the most sacred life of an incomparable great man who devoted himself entirely to strengthening the revolutionary armed forces and left unprecedented immortal services in the history of the Motherland.


August 25, Juche 49 (1960), Great Leader Kim Jong Il visited the 105th Guards Tank Division of the KPA, which liberated Seoul, where he began to lead the revolutionary armed forces.

We look back into the past: the way forward to our Motherland was blocked by so many difficulties and trials, but thanks to Kim Jong Il's energetic leadership in strengthening the People's Army as an invincible strong army, all the intrigues of enemies to strangle our Republic were completely suppressed, and the spirit of the heroic Korea - the Juche country in the construction of socialism.

These days, the great Comrade Kim Jong Il did not give up the long road. Perceiving all sorts of oncoming adversity as happines, he came to the soldiers day and night, in the snow and in the rain.

In the course of the continuous continuation by great Comrade Kim Jong Il of the tradition of on-the-spot guidance to strengthen and develop the People's Army, in the name of the happiness of the people, new words of the new era appeared on this land: "Forced March of Sambokchol (Hottest Days)," "Forced March of Taesohan (Days of the Most Severe Frost)", "sleep in fits and starts ", "a lump of boiled rice".

Indeed, a brilliant victory for the world military power - Juche Korea, arousing the admiration of humanity! This is all the result of the incredible Comrade Kim Jong Il.


Comrades and friends,

Having another great man in the person of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the immortal merits of Comrade Kim Jong Il for strengthening the defense forces of our country have become even more glorified.

We will continue to defend the position of our invincible strong state, which is capable of adequately reacting to any aggressive intrigues of the imperialists.

We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to you and your organization for your firm support for the just cause of the Korean people and solidarity with the measures we are taking to protect the country's sovereignty and unite the Motherland.



On behalf of the Korean Societies for Friendship and Solidarity with European Countries

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