Mourning Meeting in Сhina Held

   Beijing, December 19 (RSTV)   


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— Day 3 of the 3rd Organizational Conference of the DPRK ISG —

On December 18th, an live meeting on commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of great leader KIM JONG IL was hold by DPRK ISG Chinese Executive Committee.

The members of DPRK ISG Chinese Executive Committee and activists participated in this meeting.

Li Jizheng, Head of the Chinese Executive Committee, presided over the meeting.

The living meeting began with the singing of the eternal odes of revolution“Song of General Kim Il Sung” and “Song of General Kim Jong Il”.

Comrade Li Jizheng, as the Vice-Chairman of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committee and Permanent Representative of the organization in China, sent his greetings to members of the Executive Committee and all activists of the organization.

In his report, Comrade Li briefly introduced the revolutionary career of the Great Leader and the story of his eight visits to China. He said:

The eight visits fully demonstrated that General Secretary Kim Jong Il and Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea attach importance to the development and consolidation of the friendship between DPRK and China, which contributed to a higher level of cooperation between the two nations.

Wanlima, Head of the Personnel Department, gave a short speech.

Comrade Wanlima reviewed the career of Chairman Kim Jong Il and pointed out:

It is precisely because of Comrade Kim Jong Il that Juche Korea has made great achievements in various fields, including politics, economy, and arts. Comrade Kim Jong Il is definitely an all-round leader.

Dylan Walker, Member of the Communist Party USA, gave a speech in the form of pre-recorded video. 

He said:

For the happiness of people and the prosperity of the motherland, Comrade Kim Jong Il worked selflessly all his life and has never taken a good rest. Comrade Kim Jong Il dedicated everything he has to the motherland. His greatness will always be in the hearts of progressive people across the world.

Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committee, gave a speech during the meeting.

The Head of our organization said:

Let’s focus on the great role of the Chinese Executive Committee, I think the Chinese Executive Committee plays a crucial role in strengthening the tie of the unity between international society and the people of DPRK.

Korean and Chinese are true brothers and sisters, they have development irreplaceable friendship with their blood during the anti-Japan and anti-US combats. 

I truly believe, as long as DPRK and China are united solidly, the precise peace we have on earth will be protected.

Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea! Long live the Chinese Communist Party! Great leader Kim Jong Il will always live in our heart!

Luan Xinlong, Head of the International Liaison Department, gave a short speech.

Comrade Luan Xinlong spoke highly of great Comrade Kim Jong Il’s contribution to the economy of DPRK. He also pointed out that the organization is always ready to cooperate with DPRK in the form of international business.

Anton, Member of the DPRK ISG Chinese Executive Committee and Temporary Representative of the organization in US, said that Great Leader Kim Jong Il are extremely outstanding in the field of Arts. Comarade Kim Jong Il has great interests in arts, and he has made significant contribution to the art of DPRK. Because of Great Leader Kim Jong Il, DPRK has became not only a strong country in politics, but also a country strong in arts.


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