Negotiations Between DPRK ISG and SSJIAR Held

     Moscow, May 29 (RSTV)     


On May 22, in the Pyongyang restaurant Koryo, negotiations were held between Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committe of the DPRK International Solidarty Group (DPRK ISG), and Darya Kadkina, head of the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic (SSJIAR).

The negotiations took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Marya Zhukova was present at the negotiations as a photographer.

The head of our organization spoke about the latest events in the life of the Solidarity Group, and also exchanged views with Comrade Kadkina on the latest news from the Korean Peninsula. He stressed that the "human rights" hype made by the United States and the conservative elements in South Korea is utterly deceitful pseudo-scientific nonsense.

Comrade Mostov noted:

- At the moment we can observe the absolute dominance of the anti-Republican narrative in the information field. Given the fact that hostile forces at every opportunity fabricate reports on violations of "human rights" in the North based on unsubstantiated claims of scum, it is not surprising that propaganda fakes about the state of affairs on the Korean Peninsula have taken root in the minds of many people.

This is aggravated by the internal situation in many solidarity organizations, which, instead of conducting productive counter-propaganda, reduce the organizational work to the repetition of memorized slogans. I am convinced that we should decisively reject harmful practices as soon as possible and focus on practical activities.

Comrade Kadkina maked a constructive proposal to hold an international symposium or online conference on the real situation of human rights in the DPRK, in which Korean, Russian and Chinese experts can be represented. She also discussed with A. Mostov further principles of interaction between the DPRK ISG and SSJIAR.

The heads of the two organizations came to the conclusion that only the consolidation of forces friendly to Korea would make it possible to repulse hostile forces spreading vile slander against the Juche socialist system.


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