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As the information campaign of hostile forces against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has escalated over the past few months, the DPRK International Solidarity Group is taking active steps to increase the availability of news from the source.

In December 11, Juche 110 (2021), Bulgeunbyeol TV launches stable online broadcasting of DPRK radio stations. This measure will allow Koreans in the South, overseas compatriots and friends of Korea from different countries to timely learn about the revolutionary activities of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, receive more reliable information about the DPRK and enjoy Korean music.

Considering that some "experts on the North Korean issue" began to spread conspiracy theories about how the "wired radio network" works, the online program was compiled taking into account the airtime of all radio stations broadcasting domestically, as well as some foreign-language services of the Voice of Korea radio.

Below is the full broadcast schedule.

[05:00] 조선중앙방송 (KCBS)

[13:00] 통일의 메아리 (Echo of Reunification, Broadcast to South Korea)

[15:00] English Language Service, Voice of Korea (VOK)

[16:00] Редакция "Голос Кореи" на русском языке (VOK)

[17:00] 《朝鲜之声》广播电台华语处 (VOK)

[18:00] 「朝鮮の声」日本語放送 (VOK)

[19:00] English Language Service, Voice of Korea (VOK)

[20:00] Service des émissions en français de "La Voix de la Corée" (VOK)

[21:00] 통일의 메아리 (Echo of Reunification, Broadcast to South Korea)

[23:00] Редакция "Голос Кореи" на русском языке (VOK)

[01:00] Deutsche Redaktion von „Stimme Koreas“ (VOK)

[02:00] 평양방송 (Pyongyang FM)

Online broadcast is available at the link:

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