Online Meeting of German Executive Committee Held

   Berlin, April 20 (RSTV)   


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On 10.04 Juche 111 (2022), the activists of the German Executive Committee met for the official celebration of the Day of the Sun.

Present were Johannes Wittmund, Head of the German Executive Committee, Tim Trendelkamp, Ideological Leader in the German Executive Committee and Member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG. The meeting was also attended by activists Albert, Alexander and Marco. The meeting was also attended by activists Albert, Alexander and Marco.

The celebrations began punctually at 21:30 German time on a digital level in the form of an audio conference. As an introduction, Comrade Wittmund addressed a few words to those present, which had the aim of placing the political work of the beloved Comrade Kim Il Sung in the present-day activities of the German Executive Committee, in order to highlight the immortal character of his political life. Afterwards, the immortal hymn of the revolution was heard.  

In the following part, all those present were given the opportunity to share their creative products in honour of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung with all comrades.

First of all, comrade Albert took the floor, who compiled various anecdotes from the life of the great leader in a document. The comrades present read together with great interest and strong impression of the great caring deeds of the Eternal President.

Secondly, Comrade Trendelkamp gave an anecdotal account of the influence and inspiration that the great leader had on his own life. He read out a moving text in which he recounted personal experiences he had gathered on his travels to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and gave a comparative account of the fate of Korea and Germany.

Comrade Alexander presented a concise summary of the text "We continue to consolidate and develop the successes achieved in the construction of the socialist village" by the Great Leader Kim Il Sung. With this he presented the first of a large number of books by Comrade Kim Il Sung, which he acquired in order to make them available to the organisation for study purposes 

Finally, Comrade Marco sang the song of General Kim Il Sung with vocal strength and euphoria, which he additionally accompanied with accordion music. 

The event ended with the joint viewing of the film "The country I saw", which showed life in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the rule of Great Leader Kim Il Sung

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