Preparatory Committee for Important Dates Was Formed


According to the decision of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG on March 29, on April 8, the Preparatory Committee for the Day of the Sun began its work.

Comrade Alexander Mostov, the head of our organization, was unanimously elected Chairman of the Preparatory Committee.

On behalf of Chairman Mostov, Comrades Li Jizheng, Qi Pengfei, Wanlim Shiday and Luan Xinlong were included in the preparatory committee from the Chinese Executive Committee, and Comrades Nikita Dobrov, Fedor Sagaida, Danila Morozov and Vladislav Karlov from the Russian Executive Committee.

The Preparatory Committee has set the time period from 8 to 22 April inclusive as the period of its work. During this period, the Group undertakes to organize and take part in various cultural and educational events, as well as publish articles glorifying the eternal merits of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung.

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