President Kim Il Sung is immortal


On July 8, the year 83rd Juche (1994), the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, deeply esteemed by the peoples of the world as the founder of the Juche socialist revolution, has passed away. On this occasion, the DPRK International Solidarity Group and the Komsomol of the Russian Federation held a joint online meeting.

From our part, the members of the Coordination Committee of DPRK ISG were presented: the Chairman Alexander Mostov (report on “The Eternal Sun of Korea”), Representative in the CIS Annа Bertova (report on “The Legacy of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung”) and the Acting Chairman of the Preparatory Committee on important dates, Representative in the PRC Lee Jicheng (report on "The great personality’s decease and the condolences to the Chinese People").

The press secretary of our organization in the CIS, Georgy Abzianidze, has been observing the event.

Komsomol of the Russian Federation was presented by some high executives: Vladislav Karlov, secretary on ideology of the St. Petersburg branch of the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, (report on “Kim Il Sung’s plans on reunification of Korea”) and a member of the commission of ideology of the St. Petersburg branch of the Komsomol Nikita Dobrov (report on “The Kim Il Sung’s pattern in USSR-DPRK relationship”).

As a special guest a professor, doctor of humanities, head of the department of world history, philosophy and culture studies of the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University, the chairman of the Far Eastern branch of the Juche idea studies society, and the head of the Marxist studies club at the Communist Party of Russian Federation’s Blagoveshchensk branch - Aleksey Ivanovich Donchenko was invited.

Speakers outlined the unfading merits of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung in party- and state-building, as well as his outstanding qualities as an internationalist and diplomat. Comrade Mostov emphasized that so long as the ideals of kimilsungism - kimjongilism are passed down for generations, the cause of the Juche socialist revolution will forever triumph.

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