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According to media reports, recently the South Korean authorities again committed the largest provocative action, condoning the "defectors" who fled to South Korea, betraying their homeland and family.

The current anti-republican hostile act, committed due to powerless decision of affairs and under the indulgence of the South Korean authorities, affected our highest dignity and teased the sacred spiritual core of the entire Korean people, and ultimately it is a criminal and hostile act against the entire Korean people.

The current incident shows that the South Korean authorities proceeded from a confrontational position aimed at deliberately denying the implementation of the Panmunjom declaration and an agreement in the field of military affairs of the North and the South, which stipulated the suspension of all criminal actions, including the scattering of leaflets, in the area of ​​the military demarcation line. This clearly shows that they do not have the determination and will to uphold and implement the inter-Korean declarations, where the common will and desire of the Korean nation are concentrated.

The South Korean authorities cannot be relieved of the responsibility of bringing inter-Korean relations to such a disastrous endpoint as today.

Today's reality clearly shows that the South Korean government often rants about "improving inter-Korean relations," but in reality it did not want to get out of the thinking of the old time of the confrontation, and that the main reason for the current incident is nothing more than their closed hostile policy in relations compatriots.

In this regard, our side has taken decisive measures, completely cutting off all communication channels between the North and the South as an action of the first stage of completely blocking off any means of contact and eliminating all unnecessary ones.

Good will and hostility cannot be fused; reconciliation and confrontation cannot coexist.

We consider the first and foremost a criminal and hostile act in the relations of the Korean people to be slander and abuse on our highest dignity and order, and we will not forgive them, no matter who they are.


Korean All-Republican National Peace Committee

Korean Committee of Solidarity with the World

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