South Korea Launched a Self-Attack

   October 5 (RSTV)   


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— Statement by the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG —

During today, the explosions that occurred at the South Korean military base in the province of Gangwon-do, where the 18th Wing of the Air Force is deployed, were actively discussed on social networks.

The fact is that on October 4, from 18:00 Pyongyang time, the United States and the puppet army of South Korea set out to "answer" North Korea's self-defense missile tests. Practicing strikes on the territory of the North, they fired using high-precision JDAM munitions. It is reported that South Korean F-15K fighters and American F-16 aircraft were involved.

It would seem that you need to know when to stop, but the conservative regime decided to curry favor with the overseas masters even more: closer to midnight, a Henmu-2C ballistic missile was launched in the temporarily occupied territories, which immediately collapsed hitting the South Korean military base near the city of Gangneung. The explosion followed by fire caused panic among the residents and once again demonstrated to the world the incompetence of the local "authorities".

The DPRK International Solidarity Group strongly condemns the conduct of any exercises by the United States and South Korea, which pose a threat, including to the lives of South Koreans. Rather than desperately rush senseless preparations for war, it would be better for the current "leader" of the South to finally look at internal problems and deepening class contradictions.

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