The 1st International Online Conference on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (DPRK ISG)


Due to the extension of quarantine caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the 1st International Online Conference on the occasion of the Day of the Sun was held online from March 25 to March 31.

Participants in the online conference presented reports on the revolutionary life of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung.


The following topics were presented:

Georgii Abzianidze - “The Ideological Heritage of Comrade Kim Il Sung

Li Jizheng - “Great Leader and Korean-Chinese Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance

Fritz Schmidt - “The attitude of the secret service of the German Democratic People's Republic on theIdeological path of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Anna Bertova - “Anti-Japanese War


Then the participants of the online conference went on to discuss working issues.


Following the discussion, the following decisions were made:

- In order to democratize and expand management capabilities, a "Coordination Committee" was formed.

- Alexander Mostov, Georgii Abzianidze, Li Jizheng, Fritz Schmidt and Anna Bertova became members of the Coordination Committee, and Sofia Zvereva, deputy responsible for political activism, became a candidate.

- Alexandr Mostov was elected chairman of the Committee.

- English was chosen as the main language of the organization to simplify work with foreign comrades.

- “Openness” was established as a priority in working with the public.


According to the order of the head of the Group, detailed reports on activities in February and March of this year, as well as a report on the delegation’s trip in 2019, will be published in the near future.


On March 27, at the 1st International Online Conference on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, a Preparatory Committee for the celebration of the Day of the Sun (April 15) was formed.

At the suggestion of the head of our organization, Anna Bertova, responsible for political activism, was unanimously elected chairman of the Preparatory Committee.

The Preparatory Committee determined the time period from April 8 to April 22 as the celebration period.



The online conference was attended by:


Alexander Mostov (Head)


Georgii Abzianidze (Deputy Head)


Li Jizheng (DPRK ISG Representative in PRC)


Fritz Schmidt (DPRK ISG Representative in the EU)


Anna Bertova (Responsible for Political Activism)


Sofia Zvereva (Deputy Responsible for Political Activism)

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