​The enemy will not success in supressing the truth! (Bulgeunbyeol TV statement)


​Statement by Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group, chief editor of Bulgeunbyeol TV, dated June 12, 109 Juche (2020)


​Well, the tragicomedy is played out again.

​On June 11, at 4 a.m. Pyongyang time, Google has blocked a number of google accounts related to Korean and pro-Korean youtube channels.

​In order to prevent any claims for unbanning and possible restoration of channels, the blockages were carried out at the level of Google administration, just like it took place before. As far as "withdrawal" of the account includes the complete elimination of everything related to it, youtube channels were deleted along with the content with no recovery option. 

​It is noticiable, that the new acts of banning were occurred "in a bizzare twist" exactly after the publication of the material explaining in detail the reasons for the severance of inter-Korean communication channels.

I have already read the comments that the company's representatives gave to the "Radio Free Asia" propagandists. These disgrased people, while trying to clear the position of their corporation, didn't came up with anything except of the support of some unknown sanctions and the right to block accounts that violate the domestic rules of the community (or just ban), without giving explanation.

​As they say, "fear sees danger everywhere." I've heard a lot of weak excuses, but that oversteps all of the boundaries. The aimple truth is that this ban was politically motivated in its core, because otherwise we would be notified, which kind of domestic regulations violation was committed.

​I want to ask Google's responsible employees: what kind of "freedom of speech" are you talking about if you allow only one, deliberately misleading point of view to be driven on your platform?

​It is not a secret, that anti-DPRK propaganda prevails on YouTube today among other Korea-related topics.

​In addition to a huge amount of obviously unreliable information and mean rumors, YouTube also contains major channels of so - called "Defectors from the North" who are purposefully engaged in anti-DPRK propaganda within the support of South Korean media giants. Moreover, for some time now, YouTube has been used as a platform for self-promotion by various sectarian and ambiguous organizations, including those ones, which are responsible for the latest incident with the launch of propaganda neakels in the DMZ.

​So, why does the Google administration use the "politically neutral" platform as a tool for political pressure? Why does it, on one hand, prevent the journalistic activities of the DPRK media, and on the other hand - encourages openly the criminal activities of marginal scum, which foster feelings of hatred and confrontation inbetween the representatives of one nation?

​The current situation shows that Google's approach is surprisingly similar to the smoothfaced position of South Korea.

​In our statement, which was made on January 15 we have already noted:

"YouTube video hosting throughout its history has stood on the same principles. We will not allow to hinder our completely legitimate activities aimed at exposing the slanderous propaganda of hostile forces and disseminating truthful information about the events on the Korean Peninsula."

To be honest, we are in a towering passion of double-dealing hypocrites who were supposed to protect the principles of "freedom of speech" and "Individual liberty", but in fact act as an ordinary co-conspirators of anti-state powers!

​Newton's third law states that "For any action there is equal and opposite reaction." Our fair position reflects this: blocking one channel will just lead to the creation of another.

​The enemy will not success in supressing the truth!

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