The online meeting was held on the occasion of the Liberation Day


On August 8, an online meeting took place on the occasion of the Liberation Day.

The meeting was attended by Alexander Mostov, the Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, the editor-in-chief of the Bulgeunbyeol TV, Li Jizheng, the Permanent Representative to the PRC, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Important Dates.

The meeting was attended by DPRK ISG activists Anna Bertova and Viktor Kurkin.

Representatives of friendly organizations from the Komsomol (Nikita Dobrov) and the Russian Society for the Study of Juche Ideas (Anton Tyumkov) were also invited.

The participants made presentations and speeches. They talked about the crimes of the Japanese imperialists, which will never be forgotten by the peoples of the world, and about the exploits of the heroes-internationalists who gave their lives in the struggle for the liberation of the peoples of Asia.

Comrade Mostov, in his opening remarks, noted that Korea's Liberation Day has become a significant day not only for the Korean people, but also for all people of the world.

He said:

“On August 15, Japan's dominance in the Asian region was finally over. Undoubtedly, this day became possible thanks to the merits of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, who led the Korean people in the anti-Japanese war.

Thanks to the merits of Comrade Kim Il Sung, Korean communists and nationalist patriots who wanted the liberation of Korea were finally able to unite against a common enemy. This is a prime example.”

The head of our organization also said that despite the many inhuman crimes such as the use of slave labor, sexual violence, theft of cultural property and the destruction of the national culture of the occupied countries, the Japanese government continues to consistently deny the shameful past and even encourages ultra-right gangsters to attack the Chongryon. “As long as the progressive people of the world remember Japan's crimes, any attempt by the ultra-right reaction to repeat the aggression will be doomed to failure,” he stressed.

Comrade Li Jizheng made a speech. As the DPRK ISG Representative in PRC, he spoke about the crimes of the Japanese invaders committed in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries, and praised the exploits of Comrade Kim Il Sung, who showed special courage in the fight against the Japanese empire.

He said:

“The Japanese aggression brought great misfortune to Asia, but despite such a harsh reality, the Korean people continued to fight the Japanese imperialists. The Great Leader Kim Il Sung was the leader of the guerrilla unit at the time, and his revolutionary activities inspired the Korean people.

Note that exactly 75 years ago - on August 8, 1945, the Soviet Union decided to declare war on Japan in order to save the Chinese and Korean peoples from the Japanese yoke. Thus, on August 9, 1945, the Red Army officially launched an offensive against the Kwantung Army of the Japanese Empire and completely defeated it, liberating northeast China and the north of the Korean Peninsula.

Justice defeated evil, light defeated darkness. The long-suffering Korean people finally returned to their homeland. We will forever remember the military feat of the Red Army of the Soviet Union.

Glory to the fallen heroes for the freedom and independence of Korea! Long live internationalism! Death to fascism!”

Then an activist of our organization Anna Bertova spoke, who recently highlighted the achievements in the liberation struggle of the Korean people at a round table on women's rights.

Comrade Bertova presented to the assembly a detailed account of her speech at a recent roundtable and also strongly condemned Japan for trying to present its expansion as a “liberation campaign.” She also stressed that the creation of squads of “comfort women” is an unforgivable crime, for which the Japanese authorities still have to pay.

Activist Viktor Kurkin denounced Japanese reactionaries for attempting to rewrite World War II history and territorial claims against other countries. He noted that at the moment Japan is actually under the external control of the United States of America.

Representatives of friendly organizations, who made presentations, expressed their full support for the agenda of the meeting. Comrade Dobrov delivered a speech "International solidarity of the working people of the entire planet with the people of the DPRK: liberating the country from the yoke of imperialism", talking about the role of international cooperation in socialist construction. Comrade Tyumkov, in turn, stressed that although today the victory over the Empire of Japan may be perceived by the modern generation of Russian youth as something “very distant”, it is important to remember the feat of the Soviets.

The participants watched together a report from Korean Central Television about the 6th National Conference of War Veterans.



Before summing up the results, Comrade Mostov raised the issue of the possibility of providing humanitarian assistance to the DPRK in connection with the recent flood. He informed the participants of the meeting in detail and suggested the possibility of an aggravation of the situation.

During the vote, members of the DPRK International Solidarity Group and friendly organizations expressed their unanimous determination to provide the Republic with the humanitarian assistance if necessary.

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