The peace talks and the continuation of conflict are incopatible!


The statement made on March 21th, 108 (2019) 


The two-faced position of the American authorities once again creates a hostile atmosphere and raises serious concerns among the world community.

The summit of the heads of the DPRK and the United States, held in Hanoi from February 27 to 28, was the focus of the whole world’s attention. Despite the failure of the signing of a bilateral agreement following the talks, the people of the world unanimously supported the determination of the leaders of the two countries to continue the dialogue and expressed hope for the soonest completion of more than half a century of Korean-American confrontation and the establishment of friendly relations. However, the new position of the representatives of the United States frankly hinders the development of dialogue. 
Recently, US security adviser John Bolton said that the DPRK allegedly did not take the "necessary steps" to implement denuclearization, and called on China and other countries to increase pressure on the Republic. Obviously, such absurd words spoken against the background of the upcoming South Korean military exercises, “Ssang Yong” and “Ulchi Taegeuk”, are a thoughtless provocation.

Last year, the world was shocked by the news that the DPRK, in order to implement the historic Panmunjom Declaration, eliminated the Phunheri nuclear test site in North Hamgyong province. In addition, it is the authorities of the Republic who are actively in favor of the nuclear-free status of the Korean Peninsula, calling for an end to confrontation and the elimination of vicious remnants of the past. Isn't this the "necessary steps" that the adviser Bolton requires from Korea? 

We all should remember, that the United States has repeatedly tried to deceive the Korean people. For example, according to the Korean-American agreement signed in 83 year of Juche (1994), the United States pledged to assist the DPRK in eliminating the effects of the trade embargo in exchange for freezing the nuclear program. The American side also promised to help build two nuclear reactors in Korea and supply fuel oil for the development of Korean energy. But despite this, immediately after the change of president, the United States abandoned the agreements and moved to threats, thereby forcing the Republic to withdraw from the agreement.

We fully support the fair position of the esteemed Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, shown at the Hanoi summit of the leaders of the DPRK and the USA. The United States does not have any right to demand from the DPRK “complete and irreversible denuclearization” without taking any steps towards rejecting the confrontation. Is it possible to expect a long flight from a bird that can only flap with one wing? 

American politicians should keep in mind that, putting forward gangster demands on the principle of “first - denuclearization, then - negotiations,” they cause only more distrust! We hope that the representatives of the United States will find the strength to reject the outdated policy of threats and pressure for a brighter future. Only through negotiations on equal terms can the parties achieve success.

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