The statement made on June 24th, 109 (2020)


On June 25, the 39th of Juche (1950), the Fatherland Liberation war broke out on the Korean Peninsula.

It is no longer a secret that this three-year violent conflict, later on called the Korean War in foreign media, was provoked from A to Z by the United States of America, in order to expand their "sphere of influence" to the entire Korean Peninsula.

Nevertheless, beyond the DPRK the acts of falsification of history, inspired by an intention to depict the North as an aggressor, still take place.

It is documentarily confirmed, that the report on the "invasion" of DPRK troops in South Korea, submitted on June 25, 1950 at an emergency session of the UN Security Council as the only "evidence" of aggression of the North, was a fraudulent document, forged by American imperialists. The point is that the UN control group on the "Korean issue", which has been inspecting the 38th parallel by June 23rd, officially concluded that "There was no intelligence information about any military preparations against South Korea."

Such attempts to rewrite history are integrative part of a large-scale information campaign aimed at demonizing the DPRK. In that scope, in the immediate future our organization is going to publish some documentaries telling the truth about the Korean War outbreak.

The perversion of Korean War history and facts’ forgery are unacceptable!

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