The right to self-defense is undeniable!


The statement made on August 1th, 108 (2019) [DOWNLOAD]

In recent days, when the world public became aware of conducting test launches of guided missiles, the pro-American conservative elements of the South Korea and Japanese reactionaries unanimously trumpet some kind of «North Korean threat». Particularly active is the pack of the «Liberty Korea Party», which requires the South Korean government to increase pressure on the DPRK to disrupt the implementation of inter-Korean declarations.

It’s obvious even to the child that with such statements they intend to raise a fuss in society, which can hide their own aggressive acts, such as the import of so-called «invisible fighters» and the holding of joint South Korean-American military exercises. The intentions of the South Korean military are also clearly demonstrated by the increase in the military budget requested by the Ministry of Defense.

Is it possible to sit back when hostile forces are actively preparing for the offensive?

If South Korean puppets import the latest deadly weapons into Korea, the Republic has every right to develop a new deterrence system that can turn it into scrap metal - this is the just logic of the party and people of DPRK! Our editorial team fully supports these self-defense measures and expresses full solidarity with the course of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who decisively defends peace in the region.

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