The Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is a watershed moment in the history of the socialist construction of the DPRK. Right now, it focuses the attention of the entire progressive world community.

Over the past year we had an opportunity to observe, how Korean workers and soldiers of the people's army have been preparing for this significant date in real time. Huge work was carried out at industrial facilities and construction sites, in the agricultural sector and especially in field of rehabilitation and reconstruction areas affected by natural disasters. The slogan "We will meet the Congress of the WPK with dignity" was everywhere. Korean people working under the wise leadership of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, on the frontlines of the 80-day campaign of loyalty, demonstrated huge enthusiasm. A complicated 109 Juche (2020) ended within the feeling of upcoming triumph, of a historic feat at the upcoming party congress.

The beginning of the new decade brought severe challenges for the humanity. The raging global health crisis caused by the deadly coronavirus pandemic has brought turmoil and economic decline to the major capitalist countries. Nevertheless, socialist Korea demonstrates once again how to live and how to win in a such a complicated global situation.

The congress of the Workers' Party of Korea is a triumphant demonstration of resolute desire and progress. We can already tell confidently that the decisions taken at the congress mark a major milestone in the development of the Juche revolution and are going to be inscribed in the annals of the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un.

There is no doubt that the Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea once again demonstrated the inviolability of the DPRK's course on the socialist path of modernization as well as its loyalty to the precepts of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. The political system of Korea once again demonstrated the vitality and truth of the Juche socialist theory created by Eternal President Kim Il Sung and developed by the Eternal Chairman of the SDC Kim Jong Il, as well as its ability to develop in an innovative way under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who now heads the Workers' Party of Korea, towards the first days of his leadership conducted a policy of strengthening the party’s effectiveness and its modernization due to the requirements of XXI century. This line is clearly visible in those issues that were put on the agenda of the current congress.

The decisions of the WPK Congress will certainly strengthen the party’s ranks, glorify the Juche ideas that lie at the core of the WPK, as a modern victorious doctrine that opens the key to modernization and progress, as well as the party itself as a constantly updated and super–efficient structure that works smoothly and stands firmly in the whirlwinds of time, like a mountain.

Nowadays, when the world's seemingly strongest states are losing their economic power, new frontiers are opening up for the Korean Revolution. 8th congress of the WPK marks a new stage of the era of independence, the era of the great Comrade Kim Jong Un, leading the People's Korea under the banner of self-reliance.

Let new 110th year of juche (2021) lead the Korean people, arising in order to implement the decisions of the Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, towards the new frontiers of socialist construction, to new revolutionary achievements!

Long live the Workers' Party of Korea! Long live Chairman Kim Jong Un!

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