The statement made on May 15th, 108 (2019)


The tension between the USA and the DPRK is rising every day.

On May 9, the unprecedented audacity happened: the US military, under the cover of the anti-Korean "resolution on sanctions" of the UN Security Council and its domestic legislation, attacked the cargo ship of the DPRK named "Wise Honor" in the waters of Indonesia and, taking over the ship, brought it to Samoa. According to the official statement of the US Ministry of Justice, the ship allegedly violated the sanctions regime, and was arrested for this reason. 

Despite the fact that, according to the official statement of the us Department of Justice, the ship was "arrested" for violating the sanctions regime, this robbery has nothing to do with "legality", since a sovereign state, according to international law, in no case can become the object of jurisdiction of another country. So, on what basis does American "law" applied in the waters of another country? 

By its extremely inconsistent and, in fact, counterproductive actions, the United States completely negates the Korean-American statement of 12 June, designed to put an end to years of confrontation, and creates uncertainty. 

If the US administration is really going to follow the principle of "maximum pressure" to the very end and adhere to outdated methods of foreign policy, then what is the point of negotiations? If the US really wants to "restart" Korean-American relations and start over, then why did it seize the merchant ship? Or the American soldiers who landed from helicopters on a peaceful merchant ship of the DPRK are still haunted by the incident on January 23, 57 (1968), when the DPRK Navy seized the American armed spy ship Pueblo? 

The team of “Bulgeunbyeol TV" fully condemns the aggressive actions of the United States that undermines peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and around the world. Regardless of the true reasons of the United States, one thing is certain: if the US administration is going to continue to resort to such extravagant provocations, they should seriously consider the consequences. The American people should remember that, no matter how hard they are trying to force the DPRK to agree with the demands, they will never bring the Korean nation to its knees. 

The United States should return the DPRK’s merchant ship immediately and offer its sincere apologies!

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