US Imperialists and Their Satellites Must Not Forget Lesson of Korean War

   June 22 (RSTV)   


On June 21, Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Committee of Leaders of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG), made a press statement.

The full text of the statement follows.

On the eve of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, absurd accusations and threats against the DPRK are increasingly heard from individual representatives of the United States and South Korea.

South Korea's so-called "Defense Secretary" Lee Jong Sup, in a meeting with U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Samuel Paparo, ranted today that he has high hopes for the U.S. military to counter the "North Korean threat". Such a careless statement, escalating an already dangerous atmosphere of confrontation, was made a few days before June 25, thus once again exposing the aggressive attitude of the new South Korean leadership.

I dare to remind you that June 25 is a tragic day for the entire Korean nation, when the United States, through the hands of the puppet army of Syngman Rhee, unleashed a bloody war in the hope of gaining complete control over the entire Korean Peninsula and creating a springboard for further attacks on China and the Soviet Union. As a result of this fratricidal war, hundreds of thousands of compatriots died, cities and villages were destroyed to the ground, countless families experienced the pain of division. There is no doubt that only the US aggressors, who lay claim to world hegemony, needed the war.

Probably, the United States counted on a quick victory, but they clearly miscalculated: the heroic KPA, led by Great Leaer Kim Il Sung, defeated the South Korean army with a decisive counteroffensive and captured almost the entire territory of the Korean Peninsula in a matter of days. Anticipating the imminent defeat of the puppet regime, the United States fabricated an illegal UN Security Council resolution and thus sent 1/3 of the ground forces, 1/5 of aviation, most of the ships of the Pacific Fleet, as well as the troops of 15 satellite countries, to the Korean Peninsula. But even despite this impressive military-technical superiority over the young Republic, they did not manage to achieve victory.

What is the lesson of the Korean War? For three years of desperate confrontation, the enemies lost more than 1 million 567 thousand 120 soldiers killed, wounded and captured (including more than 405,490 US soldiers), 12,220 aircraft, 3,250 tanks and armored vehicles, 870 warships and vessels for various purposes, as well as a huge amount of military equipment and military materials. Thus, the myth of the invincibility of US imperialism was shattered to smithereens - the United States suffered almost twice as much damage as during the four years of the Pacific War.

Instead of escalating the situation and once again threatening a sovereign state that has both thermonuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them, it is better for the United States and its satellites to carefully consider their position and draw conclusions from the current situation.

It is obvious that if the United States decides to unleash a second Korean War, then it will be their last.

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