US pupets should keep their mouths shut (DPRK ISG statement)


On March 11, 109 in Juche (2020), the head of our organization, Alexander Mostov, sent the following statement of solidarity to the DPRK Foreign Ministry.


The aggressive rhetoric of pro-American forces is becoming more and more impudent.

According to media reports, the other day, the “Blue House” of South Korea (Cheongwade) expressed its protest in connection with the exercises of the DPRK Armed Forces taking place this month. In addition, at the end of the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and Estonia issued a “joint statement” in which they slandered the self-defense measures of the Republic.

“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.

Even if we ignore the fact that the military exercises of the People’s Army are no different from similar exercises of other countries and are carried out with the aim of strengthening the country's defense, we have a number of questions for the above countries.

The fact is that all the “protesting” countries participate or even initiate various kinds of aggressive military exercises:

  • The South Korean military periodically conducts aggressive military drill in conjunction with the United States. In addition, by purchasing and building up deadly weapons, the South Korean military is openly violating the North-South agreements.
  • On March 1, in 35 km from the Russian border, the United Kingdom began conducting exercises in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. Then this country, together with France, tested the latest anti-ship missile “Sea Venom”.
  • The recently launched NATO exercises “Defender Europe 20” are being held with the active participation of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and Estonia.

This clearly proves that all of the above countries, hypocritically condemning and condemning the DPRK military exercises, are in fact ordinary US puppets.

Like all progressive people in the world, our organization supports the just line of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un to strengthen defense capabilities. In the current tense situation, when hostile forces come forward with robber demands on the principle of “first denuclearization, then negotiations” and refuse to continue the dialogue under various pretexts, only the Songun sword can protect the gains of the revolution.

US pupets should keep their mouths shut.

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