We Will Not Close Our Eyes to Unforgivable Spy Acts!

   Moscow, August 27 (RSTV)   


In connection with the emergence of a threat to the life and safety of the Group's activists, we are publishing a statement by Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG.

The full text of the statement follows.

Since the unsuccessful attempt to bribe the leadership of the DPRK Solidarity Group, committed by South Korean "journalists" in 2018, the hostile forces have repeatedly resorted to new attempts to disrupt the work of our organization. The measures that were consistently taken against us ranged from spying on individual executives to blocking their accounts.

I think it should be noted that, in spite of the above, we have done everything possible in an attempt to avoid a direct conflict. Even in a situation where our activists literally "caught" one of the persecutors, we, having shown great condescension to this scum, agreed to accept his "sincere" apology and compensation for the damage inflicted in the pre-trial order. However, over the past three months, even more aggressive actions have been taken against us. In fact, the hostile forces have crossed the "red line".

We declare that unforgivable attempts to hack the accounts of our Group's executives, made by intercepting SMS messages to bypass 2-Step Verification, are unforgivable spy acts, to which we do not intend to turn a blind eye.

I'm just asking myself, to what extent should we respond to aggressive actions in a situation where we know the exact culprits and have all the necessary evidence? I am sure that within the next few days the hostile forces will receive a comprehensive answer.

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