Academy of Defence Science Test-Fires New-Type Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

   Pyongyang, October 20 《Voice of Korea》   


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The Academy of Defence Science of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea test-fired a new-type submarine-launched ballistic missile on the 19th.

The test-firing was guided by Yu Jin, Department Director of the Central Committee of the WPK, Kim Jong Sik, Deputy Director of the Munitions Industry Department of the Party Central Committee, and leading officials of the Academy of Defence Science.

The Academy of Defence Science said it made a report of loyalty to the Party Central Committee with the pride and honour of having succeeded in launching the new-type submarine-launched ballistic missile again from "August 24 Hero Warship" that demonstrated the military power of the DPRK by successfully launching the first submarine-launched strategic ballistic missile five years ago.

It clarified that the new-type submarine-launched ballistic missile, which introduced many developed controlling and homing technologies including the lateral movement and gliding and jumping movement, will make a great contribution to further developing the defence technology of the country and improving the underwater operation capacity of the navy.


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