American Society Rife With Extreme Hate And Racial Discrimination

   October 17 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs DPRK)   


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Still vivid in the memories of people is the incident where a black man named George Floyd in his forties was forced to meet miserable death with his neck being pressed by the knee of a white policeman in Minnesota of the United States at the end of May 2020.

“I can’t breathe.” – these are the last words George Floyd cried before dying, and these words are still resounding as an outcry from the anti-racism protesters and as a synonym of laying bare the true picture of deep-rooted racist system in the U.S.

Yet again much to the public consternation, another fact has recently been disclosed. The officials of the fire department and the white policemen in New York city exchanged cellphone messages when anti-racism demonstrations were going on in all parts of the U.S. in the wake of the murdering of Floyd. In the messages, they despised and mocked the black people.

According to the latest “New York Times”, the messages were about discussing by the high officials of fire department on the option of throwing water at the demonstrators with fire hose, and some mocked the demonstrators, saying “this option will not be effective, ’cause wild animals like water.”

And one white policeman said “I am pleased, ’cause I can legally blast black children”, and he even said that he would not get paid for it.

More alarming is the fact that because the black firefighters protested at it, they had their duties suspended for days, even six months, by the high officials of fire department and didn’t get paid either.

This is just one illustration which reveals the true picture of extreme racial discrimination in the American society where black people are treated as animals.

The practices of deep-rooted racial discrimination are rampant also in the sector of education.

75% of famous universities in the U.S. have now established a system whereby preference is given to the applicants for entrance exam in case one of their parents is a graduate of one of these universities. But, its beneficiaries are practically the children of rich whites.

More to the point as an example, the probability of entering the Harvard University by those applicants who benefit from the said system is six times higher than normal applicants. In case of Yale University, the number of students who matriculated during the fall semester of 2021 owing to this system has reportedly reached as many as 14%.

The number of high school graduates among the American blacks and Latin Americans is far less compared to the whites.

The high officials of the U.S. government have once officially admitted that the elements of discrimination based on the racial origins of students run deep in the education sector.

This is the actual feature of the United States which is decaying by the extreme hate, contempt and racism.

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