American-Style “Democracy” Shaken to its Roots

   Pyongyang, December 19 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs DPRK)   


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There is a proverb that goes: “He who digs a pit for others falls into it.”

The U.S. fell into this pit when it staged recently the “Summit for Democracy” that lacks justification, widely publicizing someone’s threat to democracy.

It is because this summit has revealed the insidious intention of the U.S. which tried to make it as an occasion of appeasing and deceiving many countries into confrontation and the cold war that have nothing in common with democracy, with its own dire situation of democracy being camouflaged with a glittering package of “democracy”.

On December 10, the spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry mentioned that the greatest threat to global democracy is posed by the country which is hell-bent on military intervention in all parts of the world while taking the liberty of interfering in others’ internal affairs and imposing unilateral sanctions under the signboard of “democracy”.

The Chinese Newspaper “Global Times” reported the fact that even the U.S. State Secretary admitted that the erosion of democracy occurs in the U.S. and that millions of people are suffering from dissemination of false information, racial discrimination and inequality. The media of France, Switzerland and the U.S. also scathingly denounced that the main hole of democracy is inside the U.S. itself which has been polarized than ever before and that Washington must first fix its own democracy.

Many figures from the political and academic circles in the world are of one accord in commenting that the summit was used as a gambling place and the theatre of confrontation by the U.S. administration in its unprecedented political crisis to cover up its fault, raise its prestige and publicity stunt and to justify its pressure on and confrontation with the sovereign states.

It is never accidental that the President of South Africa refused to participate in the summit after the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of his country, at an interview, had expressed his astonishment at the mention in the letter of official invitation issued by the U.S. administration that the U.S. has always supported human rights.

As was shown by the appraisal of the international society, this summit was clearly a stage of high-handedness and arbitrariness set by the U.S. to get thumbprints from the sovereign states, an important occasion of betraying the foul nature of the U.S. which tried to justify its interference and invasion of other countries under a thin veneer of “democracy”.

Now the world people ridicule the U.S. that the way to saving the U.S.-style democracy is not to bluff as if it can “save” democracy of the world showing off the 4 hundred million dollars which is meagre enough compared to the vast expenses squandered on the U.S. presidential elections, but to use that money to provide a meal for its own poverty-stricken people.

The U.S. should see squarely that now is no longer the 20th century when the high-handedness, arbitrariness, interference and invasion were hailed “democracy”, and that its act of hoodwinking the world by harping on about “democracy” to sustain its hegemony can no longer work.

Ko Hyok

Researcher, Society for International Politics Study


Who Is Behind Destruction and Disturbance of Global Peace?

The latest incident provides yet another obvious answer to this question, which is now drawing the attention of the international society.

A few days ago, “CL-600” reconnaissance plane of the United States Air Force that had been flying over the Black Sea suddenly dived from the altitude of 11,000 meters down to 9,200 meters, making a rush into the civil airway. As a result, a passenger plane of Russian Aeroflot had to change its airway to deal with the emergency.

With regard to this incident, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation stated that the provocative acts by the U.S. and NATO calculated to sound out the reliability of the Russian anti-aircraft system had seriously threatened the civil aviation in general as well as the life of people, and warned that Russia will mobilize all possible means to contain such provocations of threatening its national security.

It is not the first time that the U.S. has committed this provocative act of causing danger to the civilian flights over the Black Sea.

On October 6, a Russian cargo plane flying over the coast of the Black Sea was forced to hurriedly change its course when it detected a flying object similar to a NATO reconnaissance drone. Another incident of international concern occurred on October 13 when a passenger plane had to lower its altitude in order to avoid a likely collision with a U.S. reconnaissance plane “RC-135” which had made a sudden rush into the airway.

Countries of the world had long sought solutions to prevent threats to civilian airplanes and to ensure their normal flights, which culminated in the conclusion of Convention on International Civil Aviation on December 7, 1944. The United States is a state party to the Convention.

The latest incident has occurred at a time when the humankind is witnessing the heartbreaking tragic killings of innocent civilians and the unprecedented refugee crisis, all being caused by the American “military operations” in various parts of the world including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. It has clearly showed once again that the United States is indeed a destroyer and disturber of the global peace, as it habitually commits military provocation against other countries without any consideration of the international laws, and the life and safety of civilians.

The provocative acts committed by the U.S. in the Russian border areas with the aim of isolating and weakening Russia and further tightening its encirclement of Russia will invite strong countermeasures from Russia.

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