Chairman Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to Kanggye General Precision Machine Factory

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the Kanggye General Precision Machine Factory.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the Party Central Committee and the State Affairs Commission.

Looking round the Revolutionary Museum, Kim Jong Un learned about its management and operation and education.

The Kanggye General Precision Machine Factory is warmly associated with the immortal leadership exploits of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. It was visited by them on more than 10 occasions. It is a reliable precision machine producer which has played an important role in developing the machine-building industry of the country over the past 70 years since its establishment.

Kim Jong Un stressed the need to solemnly build up the Revolutionary Museum showing the materials on their leadership and the history of struggle of the factory intensively with clear intuitive effect and conduct education through it freshly in various forms and ways, so that the officials and employees can glorify from year to year the proud history and tradition of patriotism and loyalty of the factory which has resolutely implemented the party policy, keeping the pride and honour of working in the glorious workplace.

Going round different places of the factory, he was reported of its production and the creation of the ability to produce goods and acquainted himself with the performance of the precision machinery and equipment produced by the factory recently.

Saying the factory with a long history which is warmly associated with the leadership exploits of the WPK should be rebuilt into a modern factory with complete production structure and localized production system and equipped with latest science and technology to be put on the advanced level of the world, he presented the orientation of struggle and tasks to modernize the factory and further raise the present production capacity and took necessary measures.

Then, Kim Jong Un looked round the sci-tech learning space.

He said: As I emphasize time and again, there is no significance of having built the sci-tech learning space with much effort if we do not operate it properly and purposefully, resting content with the installation of some latest computers in smart building and linking them to the state network. It is necessary to give the employees a clear direction and plan of technical study so that they can acquire advanced science and technology and expertise which can contribute to the present production of their unit and regularly assess and review their understanding and take measures, so that they can actually benefit from it in the modernization of the factory and the growth of production.

In the online lecture room, Kim Jong Un familiarized himself with the fact that the officials and employees of the factory are involved in the online education system of national universities to be given lectures and study and praised it as a good thing. He underscored the need to launch a drive of learning while working and working while learning and thus train talented persons, wonderful forces for technical development, with scientific and technological knowledge of their field and various other knowledge.

Dropping in at the products display room showing the achievements made by the factory in its localization, he saw various products made by the workers with the might of self-reliance.

He highly appreciated the patriotic deed of the workers, technicians and officials of the factory who actively tapped and mobilized the internal reserves and dynamically conducted the mass technical innovation movement under the banner of self-reliance to manufacture tens of kinds of equipment by themselves, introduced valuable technical innovation proposals and recycled the wastes to be used in production and thus increased the quality and productivity of the products and gave a lot of benefits to the state.

He said all fields and units should wage a vigorous struggle to increase production and economize to the maximum by mobilizing and using the economic foundation, potentialities, internal reserves and possibilities and actively promote the work to retrieve and recycle all kinds of by-products and wastes coming in the course of production along with the localization of raw and other materials and thus create more material wealth with our resources and technology.

He highly praised that the factory has done a lot of work faithfully and it is a factory keeping its tradition, and expressed the belief that the officials and employees of the factory would bring about a fresh change in production and business activities, keeping deep in their hearts the trust and expectation of the party which put it forward as a model factory of self-reliance.


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