Chairman Kim Jong Un inspects Changrin Islet Defence Detachment


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected the Changrin Islet Defence Detachment in the western sector of the front.

He was accompanied by Army General Pak Jong Chon, Chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army, and senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK.

Guided by commanding officers, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un looked round the area of the historic site.

Looking at the monument erected to tell forever the immortal exploits of the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il who had given field guidance to the islet 45 years ago, he stressed the need to more firmly consolidate the invincible might of the arms and resolutely defend and honour the socialist country as desired by great Kim Jong Il.

He looked round the headquarters of the defence detachment and different places of the islet post to learn in detail about the living conditions of the soldiers and combat preparedness of the defence detachment.

Going round the company barracks, he showed paternal love for the soldiers.

In the education room, he said with great pleasure:

Now the soldiers are reading and studying the newspapers of the Party and army every day as the data transfer system has been established at all units and sub-units including the islet defence units and frontline units. A big problem has been solved in the political and ideological education. Now it is possible to give the soldiers politico-ideological and mental pabulum every day.

Comrade Kim Jong Un was greatly satisfied to see a lot of supplies in the bean and subsidiary food storehouses and kitchen.

He looked round the greenhouse built in the defence detachment, acquainted himself with the vegetable production and gave tasks to encourage the greenhouse farming. He kindly said it would be good to plant many fruit trees of different kinds in the defence detachment and provide the soldiers with a lot of fruits according to seasons.

He also familiarized himself with the situation of the school and kindergarten of the islet defence detachment with deep interest in the education of the children of officers.

Looking round the artillery emplacement of the coast battery of the islet defence detachment, he met soldiers on their front guard duty.

He mounted the observation post, heard a report on the deployment of the sub-units of the islet defence detachment and their combat missions and gave the Chief of the General Staff tasks on reinforcement of fighting efficiency of the detachment and combat duty to be changed.

He set a target for the second cannon of the coast battery on duty and ordered to fire at it.

The soldiers of the coast battery fully displayed the marksmanship they had trained at ordinary times, giving great pleasure to him.

He said the units and sub-units at all levels of the People's Army should establish a well-organized system of technically maintaining and managing the arms and equipment with responsibility and regularly examining and taking measures for their constant readiness and fully prepare themselves to carry out combat tasks at any moment.

Comrade Kim Jong Un gave a pair of binoculars, automatic rifle and machine-gun to the islet defence detachment as souvenirs, expressing deep trust in and great expectation for it, and had a photo taken with the servicepersons and their families.


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