Chairman Kim Jong Un inspects construction sites of Samjiyon County


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the construction sites of Samjiyon County which are finishing the second-stage project with success.

He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Kim Yo Jong, Ri Jong Nam, Yu Jin, Pak Song Chol, Hong Yong Song and Hyon Song Wol, senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Ma Won Chun, Department Director of the State Affairs Commission.

Looking at the full view of the township which has been changed beyond recognition, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un heard a detailed report on the second-stage project.

He said all the structures in the township area which is reminiscent of a city go well with the natural forests of the Paektu and retain a modern beauty.

He went round a number of streets and blocks in the township area for a long time to acquaint himself in detail with their construction and preparations for operation of the commercial service networks.

Comrade Kim Jong Un guided the construction of the Samjiyon County People's Hospital and Dental Hospital.

He also gave on-site guidance to the Samjiyon Blueberry Beverage Factory.

He said the second-stage project of the Samjiyon County construction is generally being finished well, and felt a deep emotion, saying; The township area of Samjiyon County is really spectacular. Literally, tremendous changes have been made.

Comrade Kim Jong Un also said a model of local mountain cities has been created as intended by the Party, which intensively shows the architectural idea of the Korean nation-first principle, the Juche-based idea on architectural beauty and socialist civilization, and continued:

Due to the tenacious sanctions and suffocation moves of the hostile forces, the situation of the country is still difficult and we have a lot of difficulties and trials. In the trials, however, our people have become stronger, known the way of their development and learned how to emerge ever-victorious.

Nobody will think that we would build such a utopia to be envied by the world people in such a difficulty. The course of the Samjiyon County construction is a miraculous one that clearly proved once again the vitality of the Korean-style self-reliance that we can do anything when we rise up in firm unity believing on our own strength; it is a precious revolutionary wealth to be proudly recorded in the history of the Party and be told forever.

I extend warm thanks and congratulations to the entire builders who have proudly created a good standard and an ideal model of mountain cities which is one and only in the world despite all trials and difficulties at the most important time of history to defend the authority of our Party and the self-respect of our State.

The sufferings forced by the US-led hostile forces against the DPRK on the Korean people are no longer sufferings but they have been changed into the indignation of the people. Since the enemy try to tighten us with the chains of pressure, we should continue to live a proud and good life while making our way with our strength under the banner of the great spirit of self-reliance so that they can be envious of our success and trouble themselves about it.

We are not allowed to want somebody's help and lend an ear to any temptation. We should set the road of prosperity based on our own efforts as the invariable course of development and continue to hold higher the banner of self-reliance as now.

Comrade Kim Jong Un confidently said it is the summing up of the year 2019 when we have made a greater leap forward with miracles and feats despite the trials and hardships that we can live well with our efforts and open up the road of development and prosperity in our way no matter what tenacious efforts the enemy may make.

He presented tasks to finish well the second-stage project of the Samjiyon County construction and tasks for the third-stage project to renew the surrounding areas and farms.

Kim Jong Un ardently called upon all to bravely rush forward with confidence in victory and optimism and complete the construction of Samjiyon County until the day marking the 75th founding anniversary of the Party and thus turn the home county of the great Kim Jong Il into a socialist utopia best in the world.


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