Chairman Kim Jong Un Visits Farm No. 1116 Run by KPA Unit 810


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave field guidance to Farm No. 1116 under the Korean People's Army Unit 810.

He was accompanied by Pak Pong Ju, Pak Thae Dok and Pak Thae Song, Vice-Chairmen of the Central Committee of the WPK; Kim Yo Jong, Jo Yong Won and other senior officials of the Party Central Committee, and Colonel General Son Chol Ju, Deputy Director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA.

Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the room for education in revolutionary history and saw high-yield varieties of crops newly bred at the farm.

He said with great pleasure:

I had made an earnest request that it is necessary to build a latest agricultural scientific research centre at the farm and the farm should make proud achievements every year. The officials, party members and other workers of the farm continue to wage a vigorous struggle to live up to the expectation of the party. Whenever I come here every year I see them wait for me with interesting scientific and technological successes.

Comrade Kim Jong Un stressed that all sectors and units should firmly maintain the ethos of attaching importance to science and technology and thoroughly establish the viewpoint of attaching importance to science and technology and work attitude to carry out their tasks by themselves by dint of science and technology as social customs.

He also said:

The party attaches importance to the recent rapid scientific development on the agricultural front and highly estimates it. But it is only the beginning and does not reach a high level. Nationwide efforts should be directed to having a good understanding of the world trend of agricultural development and innovating the overall agriculture of the country.

In order to perfectly implement the party's policy of agricultural revolution it is important to set a correct target to develop the agricultural scientific research field and keep its orientation.

The state should pay deep attention to further strengthening the human and material assistance to the agricultural scientific research field and providing much better conditions needed for the agricultural scientific research.

The agricultural scientific research field should intensify researches by using modern breeding method including bionic technology according to the party's policy, with main stress on breeding crops which are high-yielding, appropriate to the geographical and climatic characteristics of the regions of Korea, excellent in productivity and quality, short in the days of growth and well resistant to the unfavourable environment and blight.

Comrade Kim Jong Un went round the new greenhouses, crop experimental and cultivating fields and different other places to learn in detail about breeding and growth.

He was satisfied to see tens of kinds of excellent vegetables such as shallot and red pepper which are cultivated in the modern greenhouses with firm material and technical foundations to breed seeds in all seasons.

He said the farm is making great successes by consistently waging a struggle to implement the party's policy of green revolution every year, and called for breeding and developing a larger quantity of high-yield varieties of world standard in the future to bring about a decisive turn in solving the people's food problem.


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