Comrade Kim Jong Un Visits 250-Mile Journey for Learning Schoolchildren's Palace


Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, inspected the Paeumui Cholligil Schoolchildren's Palace.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the Party Central Committee and the State Affairs Commission.

During his field guidance to Jagang Province in May 1964, the Great Leader Kim Il Sung gave instructions on vacating the provincial industrial and agricultural exhibition hall and building a juvenile extracurricular education base there. The palace was built in the best scenic place in the heart of Kanggye City on his instructions and named "Paeumui Cholligil Schoolchildren's Palace" by him on March 16, 1973.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un writes a new history of love for the rising generations and the future, true to the noble intention of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. He acquainted himself with the situations of the schoolchildren's palaces in the provinces, cities and counties in May 2013 and gave instructions on face-lifting all the schoolchildren's palaces and halls across the country. Though he was very busy, he guided the designs for construction and reconstruction of schoolchildren's palaces of the provinces and took revolutionary measures to build them up wonderfully as demanded by the new century including the technical assistance to the designs by national designing institutions, technical guidance of building work by construction units and dispatch of technicians for helping final works.

True to the instructions given by Kim Jong Un on several occasions, Jagang Province pulled down the old building of the palace built more than 50 years ago and erected the 5-storey main building with over 30 circle rooms, a multi-functional gymnasium where art performances can be given and a subsidiary building. The palace was inaugurated with due ceremony in September 2016 and is now under normal operation.

Comrade Kim Jong Un heard a report from an official of the palace on the accommodation of the circle rooms and their operation.

He looked round different places of the palace including the gymnasium and dance, table-tennis, accordion, Taekwon-Do, information technology and electronic instrument circle rooms to learn about its reconstruction and operation.

He pointed out that technical designs of the gymnasium and some circle rooms had not been made properly according to their missions and uses. 

He said: The construction work was not done well and the buildings were taken care of at random. So the palace built three years ago is as bad as the one over ten years old.

As you can know through the construction and reconstruction of schoolchildren's palaces in the provinces, what is most serious is the ideological viewpoint of officials. They are working in a slipshod manner in implementing the party policy. This way they can never reach the standard demanded by the party.

The party attaches great importance to the work for the rising generations and gives priority to the construction and reconstruction of schoolchildren's palaces and halls, Children's Union camps and satchel factories, the production of textbooks and notebooks and the improvement of educational conditions and environment, not because everything is more abundant than 10 or 20 years ago. Our party intends to do everything it can for the children and do all things on the highest level for them no matter how difficult it may be, because how to bring up the rising generations is a very important issue to decide the future destiny of our revolution.

Now the construction and reconstruction of schoolchildren's palaces are under way in other provinces. We must correct what we should in time to avoid such deviation so that the projects should be finished perfectly to the satisfaction of the schoolchildren.

The schoolchildren's palaces should be built into comprehensive extracurricular education bases with all educational conditions and environment on a high level. At the same time, circle operation methods and forms should be improved steadily and the responsibility and qualification of the teachers enhanced to give rich and profound scientific and technological and art education according to the characteristics of school years and ages. And an active drive for swapping experiences with each other, outpacing others and learning from them should be launched between all schoolchildren's palaces in the capital and provinces to decisively raise the level of education.

Comrade Kim Jong Un saw the activities of circle members of the Paeumui Cholligil Schoolchildren's Palace who are developing their creative talents with the dream to grow to be future pillars of the country and had a photo taken with them, wishing them a happy future.


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