Cultural Expansion Destroys National Music

   October 28, Juche 110 (2021) 《Tongilvoice, RSTV》   


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As the perverse Yankee culture spreads like a pandemic in South Korea, our country's traditional music is gradually being destroyed.

According to South Korean media reports, the number of performances associated with folk music such as pansori, nongak, as well as folk dancing and instrumental folk music is gradually decreasing. Worse, the performances are losing their original shape, mixing with decadent Western culture.

For example, groups specializing in folk music are starting to release US-style tracks. They mix Korean folk music with the madness and depravity of US culture under the pretext of improving and “creatively reinventing” traditional music.

In particular, groups such as the Inalchi Band and Akdan Gwangchil say they are aiming to make a “modern version” of national art works such as Arirang and Ongheya, adding elements of the jazz and rap genres. Thus, these musical groups make a huge number of tracks, which are an ordinary mix. They advertise their music as "K-Jazz", "K-Rap" and "Korean Hip-Hop", but in reality they just mix a set of Korean words with foreign music.

The main problem is that these art groups, which are popular among South Korean youth, on the one hand, ignore the peculiarities of the national style, and on the other hand, they are not able to properly rework the Western style. As a result, they just walk on stage in fancy clothes that are neither Korean nor Western per se. Their style is more reminiscent of a chaotic dance from the world of animals.

In this situation, the very concept of national culture disappears: teenagers who have not received a proper education in the field of national culture consider the guitar as a national instrument or accept jazz and rock as forms of national music.

On this basis, it is not surprising that in South Korea "gugak" does not sound like "gugak". The "creators" of degenerate art, indiscriminately using Western instruments and US style, undermine the traditions of national music and lead it to decline.


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